analyse this

Not exactly much to analyze, but here ya go…

Charlie talks about this sort of thing in one of the DVDs (from memory Taper one) and describes as searching or leaning (something like that) for the line too soon.

OH, there’s PLENTY to analyze :cool::wink:

regarding Klishina, I dropped a note to Mike Powell suggesting he needs to coach her:

His reply follows…

“I met her at a clinic in Moscow in 2009. She has a lot of potential and she could be a great jumper also.
That would be a tough job, but if the money was right, I might consider it. Seriously, she has a lot of talent and obviously she is gorgeous. Thanks for thinking of me.
Take care
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Small world, I also when to the same church that Powell went to one time…

You trained with Randy Huntington?

Very nice glutes;)

I need to correct myself, I was under the same coach as Larry Myricks but Powell was part of the connection somehow (I think in high school as he went to HS in W Covina) but I never met him; I always get their training background confused as they were talked about so much. The church recollection still stands as I did visit the same church as Powell because me and another 27 long jumper went to this church in California and the pastor introduced him and I rememeber my training bud told me that he knew him.

This is just a snapshot of the connection; on this webpage you see Gerald Williams (9.9 guy), Dr. Gregoire, Angela Williams and Mike Powell; all these people know each other and I know 2 of them.

David Oliver better watch out

Wow! Is that real?

Here’s the video

Yup. David Oliver in particular was impressed with the rear leg tuck :).

It looks really spontaneousness. Great!

Looking at the rear leg tuck, he did look like a real hurdler:)