How to train the old way, without a gym

Hi everyone,
Is there any way to get a copy of “the allan wells book of sprinting”?
It seems like it hasn’t been printed for years…nor available in bookstores.
I would like to try this approach, and adapt it to my event (400m), because I find it very suitable to my logistics.
Thanks in advance

I don’t know about the book but there are threads on here about his training. The best way to search for it, though, is to google it and don’t use the search engine on this site-it’s best for more recent threads.

Hi there ! I ordered this book very recently from amazon, for only 14 euros.
I think there is also a low-priced one available on
94 US$
210 CAN$

where did you find such cheap price stephanie?

I remember there was only one more available in that price, when I ordered in amazon. (it was 2 days ago actually !)
Look here !!

If you google Jim Bradley he was the original coach of Wells. He has written a book called athletics my way. Outlines the whole training process and a good read.

thank you stephanie, too bad there’s nothing left at a good price

Thanks anyway.
Then I should order Bradley’s book…T

ah darn… you’re right.

I can do a book review once I receive mine.
(It’s shipping in the U.S. so I’ll have it before Christmas when I meet with my dad who’ll bring it to me. ) Cheers !

Here is a link to a film about Wells and his training.

Also check out Margot Wells’ Gofast website.

Regarding books, Jim Bradley’s Athletics My Way has more detail than the Wells book.

For me, the method is great for getting sprinters fit but too much speedwork later on.

Great video!
Is it sold exclusively on his author’s site?
Sure it is worth 18 euros, but what about duty fines?

Bought a dvd from the USA a few weeks ago and didn’t have to pay any customs charges, if that’s any help.

Oh sorry, I omitted that I live in the EU…

If you want a copy of the Jim Bradley book, I could send one to you. Jim gave me a box of them back in April. I left them with in another bloke’s car and forgot all about them. This thread has reminded me about the box of books!

By the way, Jim Bradley did not directly coach Allan Wells. Jim coached Wilson Young who in turn coached Wells before they had a falling out and Wells went on his own with Margot supervising his training. But Allan and Jim still correspond as Allan did consult with Jim a few times.

I unashamedly use Jim’s methods and am probably the only coach in Australia who does. The criticism wears thin at times about it being outdated and not commensurate with modern sports science, but I’ve learned to live with it. Especially given there are no coaches in my neck of the woods doing any better than I am. I’m happy with the results.

Incidentally, I spoke to Jim yesterday, he turned 90 earlier this year and recently moved into an Aged Care Facility in Essendon (a north west suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). He’s in good hands and in good spirits. He is still coaching and planning a trip back to Scotland in 2012 after visiting earlier this year.

For an article on Jim visiting Scotland see the following thread on the Protrack forum -

I asked a friend of mine if he could lend me his barbell and bench. He said me that he’s gonna need it when winter comes.
I have to study, so I can’t get to gym.
All I have is a 300-m grass track.
That’s why I was looking for some old-fashioned way of training.

Good luck! If the grass doesn’t get too soft you should be able to do lots of hard work. Keep us posted.

If you want a copy of the Jim Bradley book, I could send one to you. Jim gave me a box of them back in April. I left them with in another bloke’s car and forgot all about them. This thread has reminded me about the box of books!

I would really love to have a copy too :slight_smile:

I was going though some old tapes and found some training footage from our pre-season in 2009. It shows six YGTS athletes (some have since left) hitting the speedball. There is some close ups of the development of the upper back & shoulder region. Also demonstrates the all body movement from the ankles up through the legs & torso. Some of these athletes were hitting 6 x 3 min rounds, averaging 800 hits per round (both hands).

There are some annotations attached to a couple of the athletes, which can be read on the youtube version. These involve two athletes still with YGTS. The rest of the athletes enjoyed success at YGTS and have moved on.


You will get in great shape following the bradley system. You have to have will power to stick to it. After a while the same routine can get to you…