And this I learned from Nikoluski :stuck_out_tongue:

Wednesday, Oct. 12th, 2011

7.30am training:

  • 10min warm up, stretch

- 5 x 100m runs on grass (a la tempo) (morning sessions are starting to feel very comfortable ! Well, the weather’s been nice too …)

  • 12 x 40m hills w/walk back recoveries (nice feel)

7pm training with older Sicilian brother (the younger one will not be running this year, due to an overloaded academic program. Darn academics. Actually darn to his genius mind, because he’s trying to finish extra early - law school … )
Anyway, the older brother is a really great athlete… and now a good friend… I feel so happy to be training with him and not alone, I just cannot stress this enough … I must have suffered all this time alone, really :stuck_out_tongue: Now I understand …

  • 17min biking to starting point

  • 45min long run ( hahaha …) this was actually pretty ‘fast’ for me, at 4:32’ per km and the last km went faster (4:22). (Sicilian did an extra 2km in the end at 3:33 and 3.13 … pssss)
    good stretch

  • 8min cool down back

  • 17min biking home

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 2011

Ohhhhhh my goodness… I got food poisoning today, it seems. I’ve never felt so HORRIBLE in my life. I had a slight irritation before and after training, but when I got home… (by bike :S) it started… and I couldn’t move a step, and I was cold, and had a fever, and couldn’t get to the kitchen to make me some soup and drink some milk… but I made it.
I took some paracetamole medicine, which took care of the fever, and some japanese friend’s stomach-pain medicine, and now I’m SOOOO relieved that this pain is gone.
Oh goodness…

Training was good though :stuck_out_tongue:

(17min biking to meeting place)
(half hour drive to a new track where the Sicilian coach trains a group of youngsters. I trained with a talented 18 year old)
(the time is now 6pm and it’s rather humid but nice)

  • 24min hard warm up (my mistake to warm up outside with the older sicilian brother and his friend … that was taxing…)

  • stretch, drill, stride

  • 400m @ 65" ( :o ) rather easy. This was refreshing … , 5’ break

  • 300m @ 46", 5’ break

  • 200m @ 29", 5’ break

  • 200m @ 29" (here I get a very intense pain up in the liver while doing this, but this happens often due to fatigue. )

(15min drive back to sicilian place - less traffic…)

I was very happy … I gave the sicilian brothers portrait gifts, and I so LOVE making this kind of art-gift… I just love it :slight_smile:
I’ll post them on my website tomorrow probably.

I pray to all mighty existences that I don’t have any more stomach pain tomorrow…

And that’s why you were exactly right! :smiley:

I hope you feel better already!

exactly so !!!

Yesterday was off, with some minor irritations.
Today I’m fine !! Training in about an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 2011

The temperature dropped suddenly ! Brrrrr … And windy too …

  • 17min biking to the track

  • 18min warm up with my sicilian friend

  • stretch, drill, stride (4 with trainers, 2 with spikes)

  • 600m (4’rest), 400m (4’rest), 400m (4’rest). The target times were: under 2’, and under 1:12 for the 400s
    >> 1:52, 1:12, 1:10. Ughh… Legs were tight all the time, despite the good warm up. I HATE cold … I don’t know what to do to relax in it.

  • 1 lap cool down.

  • 30min gym (strength, abs and stretching)

  • 17min biking home.

Now I have a runny nose. This is another after-training-winter symptom … I need to boost up my immune system more.

Check out my latest blog-post if you’d like: [i][/i]

Sunday, Oct. 16th, 2011

Another off day (third of the week), but regarding the fact that I’ve had 5 good sessions, and 3 good illnesses (Monday fever, Thursday food poisoning and Saturday cold) :P, it’s best to rest and get some color on my cheeks !!

Winter winter … let’s make peace.

This is a good video of what myths have been said about Greece during this economical crisis, and what the truths and potentials are. It was presented during the BHCC Annual London Conference ~ 28 June 2011. It’s a nice one :slight_smile:

Monday, Oct. 17th, 2011

9am training (all on grass)

  • 10min warm up

  • 7 x 80m drill + stride run throughs

  • 1 x 80m stride

  • 8 x 40m hills (walk back)

  • 1 x 100m stride

  • 5min jog back.

((shower eat work work work eat work work :stuck_out_tongue: ))

6pm training (all on grass again)

  • 21min easy run

  • 12 x 100m tempo runs on grass

  • 5min jog back

  • 20min ab work

((shower eat work work sleep - eventually ))

Tuesday, Oct. 18th, 2011

nice and rested =)
And not as cold =)

  • 17min biking to uni track

  • 20min warm up with group

  • stretch, drill, stride (trainers and spikes)

  • 5 x 80m w/walk back recoveries @ 9.80-10.15" (good stuff… I love running with my Sicilian friend, because I try to keep up with his frequency, like a magnet, and I go faster…) , 5min rest

  • 5 x 60m w/walk back recoveries @ 7.80-8.18 (my acceleration needs work, obviously, if you’ve kept up with my training so far :stuck_out_tongue: ) , 7min rest

  • 1 x 300m @ 43.8 ( :slight_smile: ) fastest since September (well, June, technically, which was a 42.something…). Yay.

  • 30min gym (strength, abs and good stretching)

  • 17min bike back.

Pleased pleased pleased.

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 2011

oh goodness… I can’t believe no one in my class is attempting to graduate this Febr/March… I’m the only one submitting final material for the phd.
Fingers crossed.

Longggg mostly pointless meeting, a waste of half a day.
Oh well, let’s move on now :slight_smile:

(- 17min biking to uni

  • 17min biking back home )

Night quick-easy-recovery- training.
Yeah right…

I got knocked over by a freakin DOG !!!

I was jogging (15min), and this huge puffy dog came running at fulll speed towards me, barking (he probably wanted to play, but anyway, this kind of thing scares me just a bit…). I decided to just continue jogging, but the creature didn’t even stop, and collided right on my leg, at the outside of my knee, and knocked me over on the grass… One second I was standing, the other I was on the ground.
Thank goodness it didn’t attack me more :o
The owners arrived casually 30" later to a pissed-off me, because my knee was hurting, but I left them wondering if I was hurt or not.

  • 12 x 100m tempo runs on grass

That felt fine, but now that I’m home, I do have some slight knee irritation. Hopefully it goes away by tomorrow.

  • 20min ab work


Maybe I should have some Sicilian limoncello…

Good thing you don’t have antelope in your neighborhood.


Thank goodness for that =))

Thursday, Oct. 20th, 2011

ahhh… only 10 more days till the end of October. It’s funny how SMALL the months seem with BIG work tasks in one’s head !!

But how I am lovinggggg Milan’s weather this fall … !! This is very untypical.

  • 17min to the track
    Sicilian training

  • 20min warm up

  • stretch, drill, stride

  • 200, 150, 200, 150, 200, 150 (walk back recoveries) @ 29.4, 22.4, 30.1, 21.5, 30.3, 22.1 (lactic-ouch in the end)

  • 17min biking back

And that’s it.

Oh. My knee has been bothering me from the dog-collision since this morning, with some trouble going down the stairs, but it’s slowly going away. =) (all fine during training).

Friday, Oct. 21st, 2011

  • 17min biking

  • 40min run (@4.40/km) I can’t believe I’m posting running pace like that… like my distance-runner friends :stuck_out_tongue:

  • 4 x 100m strides

  • 17min biking

tired today and cold. And stomach issues. This iron consumption is not working well for me. Unless it’s the multivitamin… God knows.

Saturday, Oct. 22nd

  • 17min biking

  • 20min warm up

  • 4 x 100m strides, stretching

  • 3 x 40m accels

  • 5 x 80m hills, w/ walk back recoveries
    5min rest

  • 5 x 80m hills, as above
    5min rest

  • 1 x 700m cross/country (aaiii…) distance not so accurate, time about 1:25

  • 10min cool down.

  • 17min biking


people who truly care are so RARE. I’m blessed to have found a couple, on this foreign land.

Which is almost 13.0 km.h-1 :slight_smile:

If 1:25 or there about is correct, the 700-m X-country is shorter for sure.

Yes Nick, I might as well enter the x-country national competition in February … :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I can offer the team some points, so it seems… =S

Sunday, Oct. 23rd

Monday, Oct. 24th

8am training (all on grass)

  • 15min warm up
  • 16 staights of drills into strides
  • 2 x 100m strides
  • 5min cool down

7pm training

  • 40min run along the canal (this was alone, so I don’t have the ‘tempo’)
  • 4 x 100m strides

Tuesday, Oct. 25th

raining alllll dayyyy longggg. But I asked for Sicilian training anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

(17min biking)

  • 20min run

  • fartlek: 4 x (run 500m - fast stride 200m) , all one continuous set.

  • 7min cool down

  • 40min gym (strength, abs, stretching)

( 17min biking home).

I love crab meat.
And drawing.
Now I also love Renzo Meschis, a Sicilian painter.

Wednesday, Oct. 26th, 2011

(all on grass)

  • 15min run

  • 20min drilling along with strides

  • 4 x 60m bounding on grass

  • 15min run

Last night in my dream, there was a group of sword killers that entered my Thessaloniki home, and they killed a bunch of people there - there were all lying dead. I didn’t get hurt, but I decided to fall down and play dead, by the front door. The killers were wandering around, bragging on their accomplishment. One woman who remained alive, got raped by the fire place of my living room.
I then realized, that laying down there by the front door, the door would eventually have to open, and I would be thrown aside - I didn’t want that. So while no-one was looking, I changed my position, and moved away from the door - stomach always facing down.
After a few minutes, one of the killers, (who looked like a pirate of the Carribean), screamed “oh nooo you didn’ttttt” and attacked me with his sword, and stabbed me on the back.
The sword remained there.
I didn’t feel anything, because the sword was blocking the would, and no blood came out.
I got up (sword inside my back and everything), and headed to my room. I sat on the bed, across the woman who was raped before, and I think I talked to her.
I still felt no pain, but I remember expecting a warm feeling to come, that would be the blood running out of my body.
So I laid on my side, on the bed, and waited.

Then I woke up.

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 2011

(17min biking)

  • 20min warm up run

  • stretch, drill, stride

  • 7 x 150m w/walk back recoveries @20.6-21.8

  • 30min gym (strength, abs, stretch)

(17min biking)

woooops I’m behind with training updates

Friday, Oct. 28th, 2011
(17min biking)
20min warm up run
many strides and many drills and that was ittttt (supervised by sicilian coach)
(17min biking home)

Saturday, Oct. 29th
(17min biking)
15min warm up, stretch, drill, stride

  • 5 x 80m (walk back) @ 9.8-10.2
  • 5 x 60m (walk back) @~8.2-8.3s (sicilian buddy has a minor injury, so he was just watching, and I didn’t have him next to me to ‘steal’ his momentum, so these were slightly slower than other times. I hope he feels better FAST)
  • 1 x 300m @ 44.5 (slower than last time’s 43, but also done alone) oh well.
    (17min biking back home)

p.s. this point I’ve reached severalll times (just not as early, and never so UNinjured). Time to start overcoming mind-barriers now… It should be interesting… :slight_smile:


Monday, Oct. 31st, 2011

  • 30min run
  • 12 x 100m grass tempo runs
  • 7min cool down

Time to add an extra ‘stimulus’… perhaps start doing 500+ abs per day could make some difference.
Oh, and some more arm work. !!

(Athens on Wednesday for 6 days, and Thessaloniki for another 6, and then back to Milan)

Tuesday, Nov. 1st (HAPPY MONTH), 2011

(17min biking + 10min biking)

  • 15min warm up jog
    stretch, stride
  • 5 x 80m hills
  • 5 x 80m hills

Italians are OBSESSED with dogs. EVERYONE at the park was only dealing with their dog. I don’t think one single person directly talked to another person about something, unless it was about the dog…
What a canine-day…

Personal sin: I did not do my “transformation” run, which should have been a 400, 500 or 600 at the end.
Only because I was alone. My training partner is recovering from a foot niggle. Darnnn…

( 15min biking back home)

Travel day tomorrow !!! (but also training with my Athens-group :slight_smile: )

Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 2011

travel, blahh blah blah …

training with marathoners !

I am aware the following training is more for a 1500m runner =P but at least it proves fitness !

15min warm up (stretching)
4 km @ 4.26, 4.08, 4.08, 4.07 (!!) , 8min break
1km (@4.10) , 4min break
1,5km (@4.07/km) , 6min break
1,5 (@3.55/km)