analyse this

This was a great race to watch! Great win for Mrs. Meyers! :cool:

thought you’d enjoy that breakthrough science :stuck_out_tongue: and that cheque will need to be the same as a level 1 service ex Somax?

Level I is the minimum, 30-hour program designed for recreational athletes and individuals who are already fairly flexible (they have lost less than 25% of any range they need for their sport). It includes videoanalysis, measurement of sport or activity specific ranges, Microfiber Reduction (our exclusive form of connective tissue massage that improves flexibility far beyond what stretching alone can do), Tension Reduction to reduce tension, Stress Reduction to reduce stress, drills and exercises to improve mechanical efficiency, measurement of strength in sport-specific ranges, exercises to improve strength and stretches to improve flexibility. Since each sport or activity has 20-25 critical ranges of motion, in Level I we can cover only one sport or activity.


Fees for our individual programs are $350 an hour and do not include fees for any sports training aids. Except for specific programs that come with guarantees, fees are non-refundable. All fees are due in full at the time appointments are scheduled. [/i]

$350 x 30 = $10,500…mate we’re in the wrong game :wink:

How far can she leap? Nobody cares!

The US might as well switch to the upsweep/underhand pass at this point.

True kitkat, but couldn’t you have found a better picture of her!

The pass at the end of the back straight where Tyson get the baton did not look very smooth to me. Am I right?

Does anyone else think that this is too much hip extension? Seems to be working quite well for her, though.

At that point i think she was reaching for the finish and her mechanics fell apart. Jeter, who kept her cool a little better, almost got her at the line.

Why is it too much?

Doesn’t look like too much extension. I think her leaning makes it appear to be more extension than it is.

Why is it too much? What are the potential downfalls?

[QUOTE=RandyG;239861]When pics like this are posted one immediately comments on the magnitued of leg extension. What I like to see in addition to the leg extension is the mobility at the hip to allow for the hip extension :D. Tyson is really displacing.[/Q

Do you guys consider this to be too much extension?