About Michigan's new S & C coach

It remains to be seen whether or not he was the right coach or not. I, personally, liked to see the change from the continuation of the “fort” mentality and the apparent refusal to change.

I like many of the strategic changes with regards to the brand of football they are playing. I still say that Barwis, with all of his over the top programming and less than stellar recovery-focused template is an improvement over Gittleson. Are there better out there, most likely but I think Gittleson long underachieved and at least Barwis has brought back a level of accountability with the players that had really slipped under Lloyd.

Well said. I have not been a fan of Barwis, but he is leaps and bounds better than Gittleson. Time will tell with U of M. I still think MB could reel it in a little. I guarantee that he will start showing more overuse injuries if not. CMU and EMU follow the same idiocy and I have seen them wrecking 3 of my athletes. Too much running. EMU’s best lineman needed to have a rod put in his tibia from repetitive stress fractures. The kid I train is 6’8" and 315. He has no business running repeat 110’s. Michigan looked good against ND although I didn’t see their “Barwis effect in the 4th qtr”. I saw a great young QB with a lot of poise win a game they should have lost.

There is Hope


This was posted by James Smith on elitefts.com.

That was an outstanding article by Derek Hansen. It’s nice to know that I am not alone in what I perceive to be a big problem. It’s even bigger than U of M . They forget about the trickle down effect that permeates highschool or even lower level athletics. So many coaches today are following this idiocy. I think too many S&C coaches think their job is to pound kids, not make athletes. Maybe Barwis should go through the workouts everyday for a month and see how he feels?

I think one of the biggest problems that leads to coaches following such a program is that they simply don’t take the time to study/read much so they don’t have much to compare it to. That is, a new coach with very little actual experience and even less effort/time spent studying the various topics of speed development, strength development, etc. etc. might attend a Barwis clinic (or many others for that matter) become floored by the presentation and his enthusiasm and accept his concepts as THE way to achieve good results.
For those guys, they don’t know any better or at least they have very limited exposure to other programs.

For the more veteran coaches, there’s no excuse for crushing athletes. A few examples 1) they are either ignoring the vast amounts of materials available on training from good sources/following poor advice 2)must not be paying attention to the short and, more importantly, long term responses by their athletes to the programs they have subjected their athletes to.

Its funny that you mention this because I was taught that if I cant at least somewhat demonstrate the exercise how can I teach it? I look at it this way, if I feel like absolute crap or just dont like the exercise, I’ll at least be able to explain to my guys why I like or dislike it and have some type of theory on why we’re not doing this type of protocal. I recently ran into a aquaintance who’s a physical therapist and is studying for his cscs. I totally forgot there are to types of coaches. 1’s that have studied in the classroom and didnt play the sport, and the others who like me and others on the forum who have played the sport but also studied what and why were doing this type of exercise so we have experience for the sport 1st hand but also classroom time also.

in a seminar, you should be familiar with the demands of the sport. It doesn’t mean you can’t be an effective coach, it just mean’s you need to learn more about the game. I believe Ian went through basketball practices because he was unfamiliar with the game on that level. Highlander is correct in saying that you should be able to do what you are asking the athletes to do. Either by demonstration or via prior experience of said exercise. Pretty hard to give nuances to a power clean if you never performed one. It’s kind of sad that this continues to go on in this day of information. These guys need to start free thinking, not follow someones rhetoric. Obviously RR has had Barwis with him in his successes so he stays with him. I respect the loyalty. Barwis is a great motivator, he just needs to learn about volume and recovery. Once he reels in his over the top approach, maybe highschool coaches on the local level would follow suit.

Simple Facts:

What’s U of M record this year???

What’s Pitts record this year???

Not taking shots at James and crew but ncaa football training is over rated, I’ll take the shitty training!!!

U of M record = Tate Forcier. ( or fortier?)

I think U of M gets just a tad more 4 and 5 star recruits than Pitt. I don’t think S&C makes a team but it can certainly break a team. U of M is looking solid on offense and absolutely lousy on defense. Given up a ton of points and a ton of yards. It’s going to come back to bite them on the rear. Trust me.

Not taking shots at James and crew but ncaa football training is over rated, I’ll take the shitty training!!!

What is your basis and reasoning for this? It is part of the process the whole process that is football preparation is it not? Can you win with shitty training? yes. Can you win with good training? yes. But to say that part of the training process is overrated is a little much. And to say that you will take the shitty training kind of defeats the purpose of this site and the reason you may be here in the first place, does it not?

I couldnt agree with you more. Why in the world would you want crappy training? Personally I was mad about the crappy training I was receiving back in the day cause I couldnt figure out why I wasnt getting faster. Then I met some sprinters from miss state, uc riverside, and the bahamas national team and oh man what a difference. The point I’m trying to make is 1 speedcoach is right about recruiting. Mich is gonna get 4 an 5 star recruits cause of there history. 2, if you train those 5 star recruits badly or wrong its gonna show! Injuries are gonna mount up and athleticism can only take you so far without proper technique and training. If you dont believe me ask Michael Jordan when he came back to the NBA. He was off then he went back to his S&C coach and presto!

The thing we are all on here to do is to learn from each other and Charlie. I have had the luxury of being in both Ian King and Charlies prescence many times. Both are brilliant, and are managers of the training process. If crap training is okay, then why do so many pro’s pay the fine to train with great prep coaches? I guarantee if you put James Smith at Michigan, they would still win, but 1)injuries would go down, 2) you wouldn’t scare off players who don’t want to be abused, 3) I propose that your athletes would perform better.

Great game by mich.

It was a good game by mich but State prevailed!

Michigan’s defense has been having a rough time all season. That last run kinda summed things up

Also…state Ol had an edge over wolverines dline…great game btw…

Michigan got tooled in every facet of the game for 56 mins. Tate Forcier almost created another miracle. Michigan can score but their defense is horrible. They have given up over 400 yds per game in every game except WMU. Until they can stop someone, they are going to lose games. If not for Tate, they would be 2-4. I see improvements at QB only. 28 yds rushing you will lose 90% of games. Championships are won playing D and having a strong running game. Pass happy teams rarely win big games. Lot’s of things to fix. I like Michigan football offensively with Tate. That’s one poised kid.

The best thing about the defense this year is that they have not given up as many big plays this year but they are definitely a couple of steps behind the offense. They are still getting gashed for way too many yards. I’d like them to go back to more 4 man fronts. I think Van Bergen is much more effective when in space and I think Graham would be able to run free quite a bit more. Sagesse and Campbell have played well, I feel, when they have gotten on the field.

The defensive recruiting has been behind that of the offense for more than a few years now. I like Robinson as the DC but Gibson is very suspect as a db coach and I’m wondering if the problem with the lb’s is Hopson and/or the recruiting. Guys like Ezeh and Mouton seemed to have regressed and Demens and JB Fitzgerald have not emerged at all. The two lb spots that have been bright spots have been reclaimation project Stevie Brown and freshman Craig Roh. Brown seems to have found a home after being most UM fans’ goat at safety for three years. These two are coached by Robinson while OE and Mouton are coached by Hopson. Recruiting of the lb’s has been pretty weak, though, in my opinion.

As inconsistent as Cissoko has been, to be fair he’s been injured and now they move Woolfolk back to cb since they don’t, apparently, feel that Floyd is not the immediate (nor possibly long term?) answer there. I really thought Justin Turner would have been used by now but they don’t want to burn his redshirt.
To be sure, and I say this as UM fan, the 4-1 record is a bit misleading as Tate has been responsible for, just as you say, at least two wins.

They should get tested, again, tonight against Iowa. Carlos Brown is out but supposedly Minor is now back close to full strength.

Where is the crazy speed workout you guys posted about barwis?