About Michigan's new S & C coach


Its not just MB, heres ISU coach and his plan is as he states in this video…

“Heavy power clean OLympic day on monday, Acceleration/speed day on tuesday, Big Squat Wednesday (Back squat day), maximal elastic developmental sprint tecnique on thursday haha, Friday-agility circuit in the mornings and heavy upper emphasis…then tuesday thursdays and even saturday (my favorite part) OPTIONAL axuillary and INJURY PREVENTION package” lol

HOLY SHITE!!! @ weeks of that and his nervous system is on 3 month vacation. Insane.


I just read where a freshman training at UM this summer said they did a weight workout and then did a plyo session afterwards. He said he legs were wobbly/unstable during the plyos. I don’t know why Barwis can’t seem to figure out how to sequence training properly.

Plyos can effectively be performed following weights. The caveat being that the parameters of the weight session are carefully regulated in order to ensure the complex method is capitalized upon (tonic followed by explosive)

Now, based upon what we’ve seen from Barwis it would be safe to assume that the concept of the careful regulation of the preceding tonic load is a concept that is foreign to him, despite his ludicrous claim of having the most scientifically backed program in the US.

Lastly, you are too kind to localize your criticism to Barwis as I have seen and heard enough to state, with certainty, that training programs such as his are much closer in proximity to the rule, versus the exception, in this industry.

I believe they were doing some type of hypertrophy phase so I would not think, in that case, the use of plyos would be advisable. This was not, apparently, performed as a complex as they completed their entire weight session and then moved onto a separate plyo session. I am doubting under those conditions that there was much to be gained from the inclusion of the jumps.

I only specified Barwis since this 1)a UM s & c thread and 2) I am a UM fan.

Regarding his claim of implementing a scientically based training program, I completely agree with your assessment. I’m not sure where the CNS recovery can occur in his program.


I said it, others have said it before me, an others will say it after me, Barwis and Rodriguez are certified idiots! There’s really no other way to say it. Sorry Michigan fans but you got the wrong guy to lead your team. You should have had Ron English take the job, instead he’s 10 minutes down the road at Eastern trying to rebuild there program.

Very long article:


It must be really frustrating for the players to have to be perpetually overtrained and not be able to do anything about it. I don’t know why the coaches think that the players will be in better shape during games if their workouts cause them to become ill and fall asleep during the middle of classes.

These two deserve each other. Who on this forum couldn’t get the same results or better in half the time. 3 hour weight workouts? 1-2 hours of running after? Does he think he is training Superman? Nobody can recover from theCNS load that Barwis delivers. Sure, his guys may be mentally tough, but they are certainly overtrained. To top it off, what could you possibly be doing from 10am to 10 pm? These coaches need to learn to back off. Nowaday kids are expected to be at school through summers for training. What happened to going home and getting a job to save money for next year beecause you can’t work while on scholarship. Pro’s don’t spend that much time in prep and that is miles more complex than college ball. Idiots

My college team does a similar workout to that of Barwis’ template except are workouts are a lot shorter, most rarely lasting more than an hour. There are tons of “injury prevention”, “balance”, and “functional” exercises that we are required to do. I actually have Michigan’s Manual from last year if anybody wants to take a look at it. Personally being a follower of Buddy Morris’ and James Smiths’ work and use of Eastern Bloc Methodology I find these types of workouts less optimal to a football player, considering what is required of an American Footballer.

Not so long ago, we were talking about the fact that nobody could be worse than Mike Gittleson. Never say never…

Funny but sad.

Ok I’ll admit I dont know anything about Gittleson. I hear some people say that he was not that good. Speedcoach, Charlie, Number two, can 1 of you guys fill me in on how bad this guy was. You must forgive me I’m a former MSU spartan so I pay absolutely no attention to U of M at all. Even though I must admit me and Michigans track coach have talked and got along really well when I was running track.

I didnt mean just those 3 answer the question. Can anybody please answer my question? Thanks in advance.

Gittleson was a HIT guy, one set to failure on all lifts. His famous leg workout was hammer leg press your body weight in weight for 100 reps.

I have their old conditioning workouts, but it is not in a structured form, just drills. Also do not have any speed work they may have done. Agility work was traditional cone drills.

was the HIT, which instantly drove me away. I had him at Michigan camp in 1983 and didn’t think much of the stuff we did. He was Bo’s guy so he got to stick around. Michigan men and loyalty. Barwis is way better, but he just does the throw as much S*%T on the wall and see what sticks. He tries to blend too much from varying schools of training, and at way to high volume and exposure. Apparently hasn’t heard the term “training economy”. I think he thinks you can adjust the body to take on a higher training volume, but at what expense? WHo needs to be at practice for 10 hrs the day after a game. These guys are over the top, but I think it is more indicative of the general climate in major college football. They treat it like pro football. The problem is, the pros don’t do nearly the amount the college guys do. Don’t some of the Michigan faithful get the idea that these are still young men.

Whilst it may not be a 10 hour day, there are other teams who go full pads and hit the day after a game.

that falls under the category of dumb. It’s hard enough to keep players healthy without subjecting them to more “collisions”. I guess i just look more for improved performance. You can’t possibly get better if you are constantly under so much CNS stress.