About Michigan's new S & C coach


“Everything we do is applied from sciences,” he said. “If it’s not scientifically sound, I won’t use it.” FULL OF SHIT!

Yeah, I didn’t like that part either.

Interesting that he claims the program is solidified in scientific foundations because one could scientifically discredit what appears to be the foundation of his program.

I wonder how he scientifically validates 5 successive CNS intensive training days every week?

“Tuesdays and Thursdays are nothing but speed and agility training. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are lifting, and the team conditions on Mondays and Fridays. The Wolverines run four days a week.”

What trip me is thursday was suppose to be all speed and agility but he also have weights listed below, im assuming he means explosive lifting.

Truth be told regarding collegiate programs- other than my own, the program that Landon Evans runs at Illinois State is the only one, that I’m aware of, that makes excellent sense from top to bottom through and through.

Well damn he must’ve used scientific principles to produce those 500 lb power cleans at W. Virginia :cool:

EXACTLY! This is bullshit pure and simple. Success based on numbers and a huge junk pile of destroyed athletes. With no recovery- there can be no other result.
Imagine how sad it is that people buy into this crap.

Many of the local HS coaches I have talked to think this guy is the new GURU. Unfortunately, this type of program is more of the norm for football from coast to coast

Now the media spreads the bullshit around so it can be used by all of the other college and high school football programs…

What’s amazing is this is a significant improvement over what was there before. And living really close to Ann Arbor, I have heard a lot too about the “genius” of this guy. Apparently, the players all think this because of how their abs improve with his program, because that’s obviously the one indicator of improved performance.

You are right, he has to be an improvement over Gittleson-of course we could go down to a local morgue and find a better choice than he was. Barwis has probably made great improvements(feel pretty sure about that) but I do believe his guys have to be over-trained with much too much running and training in general and no chance for recovery. He’s also one of those instability/stability training guys. I’m not going to rip the guy too much since I believe he’s still so much better than what UM has had over the last 29-30 years(not a typo) with Git’s ridiculous HIT crap I just wish he’d back off in the balls to the wall program though Gittleson had a bit of the same attitude without the same volume. The other thing he’s done is bring accountablity back to the s & c program which had not really existed since the days of Bo.

Guys would go weeks without training in the offseason since no one was insisting upon their attendance-it was truly voluntary, at times(when it was not beneficial to be so).

And so the mediocrity is perpetuated and no one is the wiser because athletic directors, coaches, and media have no clue what so ever and will blindly rave about the greatness of things when in actuality they are all oblivious to the situation.

It’s truly a sad state of affairs and it hurts no one more severely than the athletes themselves.

After seeing his interview, it was obvious that someone had stolen the rest of his prescription of ritalin.


He seems to have the smother approach. He uses everything (except recovery and regeneration) and hopes that something works. As the saying goes, throw a big pile of crap against the wall and some of it will stick. Disappointing though that he’s getting so much press even though they haven’t even played a game.

I’m still interested to see if he can confirm the 27 guys power cleaning 400lbs or more. Can anyone confirm this?

Wouldn’t be surprised if this was another one of those 1rm-rep predictors.

The man is intense though I’ll say… lol


(not work/school safe-language)

Number Two, I was told by someone on staff at WVU(faculty) that Owen Schmitt’s 500+ p.c. was actually(no surprise there I suppose) a predicted max with either 325 or 335 lbs. for multiple reps.

Agreed. However, I think athletes need to take matters into their own hands more and take much more control of their training rather than blindly following these asinine programs without questioning why they are doing something. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out something is wrong when you are stronger/faster in high school than you are in college.

For 20 dollars (CFTS) and a couple hours of quality internet research (say Joe D, elitefts, here, KellyB, etc.) an athlete can know just about anything they will ever need to become a better athlete.

Not all of the bull shit, such as morning runs/winter conditioning, can be avoided but a great deal can.

I’ve heard this also. I think he was also rumored to have some 40+ vertical but in no way approached that number at the combine.

Good luck doing that if you are a college football player especially at a major program. “uh, mr. barwis, your program is shit”…I wonder how that would work out for them. The key is to get the head coach or AD to take on that fight.