12.40 Female has a problem

her first push out of the blocks she drives both arms back. i have cued her to drive her lead hand up above and in front of her head but its not clicking. help me out please.


2.50 mark


and the best view
50s, 1:14, 2:26

Go back to lying starts and check a few things. Which foot is she leading with? What are her arms doing? That should tell you what her natural tendencies are.

Sometimes you gotta just tell them to cut that shit out.

LOL Mort … let’s put that cue on a t-shirt

Stikki: maybe we will try that. her acceleration is pretty good overall so i dont wanna f it up with a lot of cues at this point but the prone starts are usually foolproof. we r 2 weeks away from our state meet so i m lookin for a quick fix that doesnt take away from her otherwise good starting qualities.

Another thing you might try is skipping for height emphasizing arm drive. Do that for a set or two of 20-40m then hop into the blocks.

Yep, I hate messing with things during the qualifying weeks leading to state. My problem this year is juggling relay members, which I hate doing this late.

thanks for the input. i will apply the knowledge