Zurich: Bolt in 9.81

Powell 2nd in 9.88

Saw the race, thought Bolt got out slow, Powell, great start, Bolt’s great acceleration won it, that what you saw Stylee?:rolleyes:

Bolt…a new meaning to the word “strides”…seemd just to add a couple of steps…then slowing down…hope he recovers for next week…and a suggestion to him…go to Rieti!!!They won’t pay him a lot…but could set even more astonishing times down there on sunday sept.6.

Yeah, Powell seemed to get out very well but Bolt looked awful out the blocks.
He didn’t get seem to pick-up like we’re used to either, but it was good enough.

Powell slacked up when he was getting passed.

New WR in women’s PV

Bolt flies by Spearmon on the anchor of the 4x1.

THAT is why I like to see relays! Wish more were run.

This was a solid meet!
Warnier loses again to Merrit and almost gets beat by Quow, Sanya break 49, Felix breaks 50, Womens PV WR, tight race in mens 800 a bunch of Sub 1:44’s, Jeter 10.8 in the 100. Curious to see the 4x100 times.


asafa’s start was great, i notice his feet were not that high up on the pads this time.

Looked to me like Bolt realised at about 60m that he would have to work for this one.

I suggest powell backed off

No sense in going if they can’t pay alot :smiley:

Eh…do not uderstimate Rieti’s power…ask Asafa,