will a weight vest ruin your running form/mechanics

ive been hearing rumors about this. and im 14

and was using the weight vest over the spring holidays doing 50yd sprints.

If track is your sport…then don’t wear the vest…if football or some other kind of team sport is what your training for than wear the vest but not on sprints, wear it during agility/position drills…then take it off and do drills without it…but remember to really push yourself while your doing your drills. And don’t use alot of weight either…no more than 5lbs

so i shouldnt use the weight vest with sprints period.

and i weigh 140

I’d have no trouble using one on myself. I like to run resistance accels and I don’t believe so much of that it ruins your form stuff. I did resistance running on an eliptical trainer at maximum resistance over the winter and my technique is still fine.

better use it during drills -with light resistance, as said above- and not during running itself…

it may alter your arm action, your hip height, your ground contact time, lots of things

hope it helps!

well i was wondering if there is something i can do to improve my running form.

cause i really like to run sprints and plyos with the weight vest.

if i could improve my running form, and still use the weight vest, then i would be happy!!!

but dont your football pads weigh at least 10lbs?

if they do then whats the difference

football pads weighing 10lbs?nah i dont think so the pads weigh between 1-3lbs and most of that is the shoulder pads your helmet might weight close to 10 but still no and work on your tehcnique before you try to do anything complicated or it will ruin your form or atleast thats what i think.

and how do i work on my tecnique

drills and search this board for advice its loaded with it

It has been proven that when loading a sport specific action with resistance, anything more than about 3% of the unloaded resistance will cause the kinestetics of that motion to change. Prolonged training in this state will form detrimental engrams and your form will change.

where did you hear this research from

and can i still do weighted sprints?!

I would have to look through my research sources to find the exact source. Since you play football, I see no problem with using a weight vest to mimic the weight of your pads as you sprint. But, if you want to add resistance to the actual sprint you need to change the force angle of the resistance. When you run, you propel yourself more horizontally than vertically, so adjust the resistance acordingly. Instead of the resistance pushing you down, have the resistance pull you back. Use elastic cords (connected to your legs, hips, and/or arms) or sprint chutes. When using these devices, remember that high resistance is not always better. Remember, high resistance to speed-strength actions change the mechanics of the action.

Why don’t you ditch the weight vest? Do you lift with your football pads as well? Leave the specifity to the football field and football practice and focus on getting faster and stronger. Using a weightvest as your predominant means of training will not allow for this.

Who recommended that he use the vest as the predominant means of training? He asked if a weight vest would hurt his training and when/how it was safe to use it. The weight vest is a means to add resistance to certain actions. Isn’t this the same as using speed chutes or elastic cords to resist sprinting? Do you discourage the use of these tools as well? All of these items are are tools for achieving specific goals. If the football pads where a limiting factor to specific strength of a given action, then I would say yes, wear your pads in the weight room. But, the fact of the matter is that the football pads are not a limiting factor to strength. They can, however, be a limiting factor to speed. Why wait till the inseason to adapt to the extra weight brought on by the pads?

i wanna use the weight vest to get faster

and how come the companys that sell the weight vest dont warn the users b4 they buy them?

and another question, if the weight vest ruins your technique will it ruin it a lot?

and why does the U.S. track and field team use it.

is using the weight vest during plyometrics bad?

The manufacturers make money off of you purchasing the product. They do not make money off of telling you the proper way to use their product. The same thing goes for the suppliment companies. They are not regulated, so they do not have to tell you any possible side effects or adverse effects from overuse.

As I eluded to earlier, it’s all about moderation. A high variable of difference between performance action and resisted action will cause the muscle recruitment patterns to change. This will throw off your mechanics. The degree of change is dependant on the volume of resistance. Small resistance will not change the biomechanics and will allow for strengthening of the same recruitment pattern.

Weighted plyometrics are great as long as you are still performing the exercise in a plyometric manner. Once the load is so large that it delays the stretch shortening cycle to a large extent, the exercise is no longer plyometric. Remember, everything in moderation.

I am very against the chutes, having sadly had to use them before. If you want specific adaptations to the pads, then wear them, but not a vest. An activity can only be specific to itself and the loading of a vest would be much different to that of football pads.

I would not say that all or even most of the USTF team uses it. I do not know where you are drawing the conclusion. Heck, I would be hard pressed to find that more than a couple members used it besides promotional deals.