Which film do you like best?

Which film do you like best at our site?

GPP all the way!

GPP…no question…SPP done it the same way would be better though.

So how would you have done the SPP one?

You’ll get no argument GPP Essentials is fantastic, a magnificant resource with sooo much info and a must have but to some extent its one failing is the template. I actually think perhaps sometimes forum members (myself included) sometimes take CF’s info too literally I know that was a concern of his with doing more movies. As good as GPP essentials is, far too many look at the programme and do EXACTLY as outlined which as we know in the vast majority of situations is inappropriate. That is why I think the new ones are so good, they give you the info so you can adapt it to the specific situation.

Hey everyone,

GPP is what I would call a larger production over our lecture series.

Both have their own places in our inventories and all I can remember with GPP was the late nights.

Remember, we will be doing a TONNE of new stuff now that the weather is better-the skies the limit so lets chat about what you want/need to see!

Keep things realistic and we’ll do our best to deliver.

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CF presents a FRAMEWORK and not a template solution (I wish we were Microsoft)…let common sense be your guide…his exact approach to solutions won’t/can’t possibly work for every scenerio although the approach in my opinion is sound, valid and time proven.

that was what I was meaning, failing isn’t the right word as the 7 week plan is an excellent resource but as I said many (myself included) use it too literally.

The GPP film hands down, but the SPP gives very valuable in sight into planning the SPP.

I would like to see SPP2-3 progression examples as well in the future.

The templates do help provide useful info. I think even by following it you will learn alot, in most cases that you can’t do that much work! Whether you do 1 set or 3 of a workout, you get the idea of what needs to be done.

No doubt, but you need to be your own ‘silver bullet’ here.

More on ART -
-What your feeling for
-What it feels like when you do find it
-Where in the muscle or tendon to start the pressure
-Where in the joint angle do you start the joint and the pressure
-Typically tight muscles

Gpp offers us the opportunity to see some hands on regarding CF philosophy…not to copy it, nothing against it, but not my ultimate scope…
I want to understand how other coaches work, and GPP with all the visual demostration and clues gives useful clues like no other video.