What would be a good time for a 15 year old?

Ok so, I’ve lost 16kg since I started working out over a year ago. I’m 15 years old, 5’9 & 70kg.

At the moment I’m lacking motivation so I wanted to take up a sport. I haven’t worked out for 3 weeks now!

I’ve been following Athletics since Beijing 08 and and Berlin 09. As a result I wanted to take up sprinting.

So I was wondering what would be a good sprinting time (100m, 200m & 400m) for 15 year old boy without proper sprint training?

From what I understand genetics play a big part in this sport and would like to note that I’m Asian.

Any thoughts would be welcome and please don’t hesitate to ask further questions.

What do you mean by ‘good’? Better than most of your schoolmates, better than most of your region, better than most of your province/state?

Your time at age 15 with no sprint training could be anything and not indicative of your true potential. At that age, “a good time” is difficult to define since teens develop at different times and rates.

Just start with some basic speed training and see what happens.

Let me expand, what would be a good sprinting time for someone Asian with good genetics?

I don’t know if I have good genetics or not as I haven’t been too invovled in sports.

But thanks for the advice so far, I wasn’t expecting it as this forum seems almost dead!

NZ sucks at sprinting and these are the winning times from our National Schools Champs yesterday for comparable aged athletes

11.43 wind - 1.7

22.89 wind - 3.7


11.5ish with some good training, a bit higher is still not bad, this being for your very first season.

Kick Sprint 45
I have some advice for you
First you might take a look at the sites for some of the following people, Ben Johnson, Usain Bolt, Lindford Christie or Donavan Bailey.
I am guessing each of them will have hoards of free information for you and even design a custom training protocol so that you can understand or calculate in 24 hours or less the art of conditioning, speed and strength.
But before you do that I will direct you to the expert feedback you just received above from this forum via CharlieFrancis.com which I assure you is long from dead in anyway shape or form. ( no pun intended son)
you might want to invest some of your paper route money or stock interests
and buy SpeedTrap an ebook for sale in our store available instantly which sounds like it would appeal to you.
This would be my advice on your starting point.
Bon Chance!

Thank you John and Track_man. I think I’m capable of times close to that you mentioned.

Angela Coon, I will definately check out those websites. Although, I couldn’t find the Ben Johnson one.

Do you have some more suggestions?

I think Angela was saying you should search this site, cause there is enough information on the forums to start a 4 year college program on sprint performance.

That must be it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually went on their website and though, is this a trick? Because I didn’t find too many relavant stuff.


Our short and long term goal for this site does not include trickery. I do encourage you to take advantage of this fabulous forum ( notice it is free!) and a varied list of excellent and relevant products.

So let me take a look at what you have shared with us so far.

Congratulations on loosing so much weight. That is impressive for anyone.

We all lack motivation at times. The most important principle for you to focus on is the idea of consistent training and nutrition over time. More information (not less) will allow you to understand how to do this.

I think it is great that you have chosen athletics to enjoy as something you may wish to participate in.

Experts from all over the world view and participate on this site daily. Some of them I have known personally for more than 10 or 15 years. You will not find better coaches anywhere.

You are jumping the gun to worry about genetics. Everyone can make the most out of what they have and improve.

My final thoughts are to suggest you take a look at Project Jane a production my husband believes addresses some of the most important issues in coaching.
As well it would greatly benefit you to read Speed Trap.

I am surprised the above mentioned sprinters are not trying to mentor the worlds future sprinters.
Our site has tried to create a place where truth stands thru peer review.

I hope this time I have done a better job ( along with the other excellent comments ) to guide you and address your questions.

Let me know.



Speed Trap, CTFS, and GPP will be great places to start. Lots of info on programs there that were used by elite level sprinters in the past.

But I’m not really interested in buying anything and also I’m far from an elite level sprinter…

Angela, I will have a look at Poject Jane but I had some more questions.

I don’t have access to a athletics track near me at the moment so would it be fairly accurate if I used a full football (or soccer which ever one you call it) pitch/ field to time a 100m?

Also, would it help if I lost a few more pounds? I was aiming to be 65kg/ 143lbs by the end of this year.

What would the BMI of a sprinter be? I checked mine online and it was 23 for now.

We do all our tempo ( slower runs relative to sprints) on Football and or soccer fields and love working on grass.
Again, I would not focus on timing but it sounds like you need or want to time yourself and I respect that. In fact I love timing and counting my runs, times etc as it supplies me with data to learn more about my training at any given point in time. So if you time your runs keep in mind they are training runs only.
I also understand you not wanting to buy anything but at some point you will reach a point of needing self guidance thru proper information ( I would argue you need regardless of who you work with) or a great coach who guide you.
No one can properly advise you on the weight loss as it pertains to training because you eventually will aim for a weight to strength ratio. One you are far from the end of your growing period, two you just lost an incredible amount of weight and three you are only just beginning some form of regular exercise.
help me here someone I am a bit brain dead at the moment BMI?

Body mass index

kg / m (squared)

BMI would be hard to base because sprinters tend to be fairly muscled. In fact, i think Ben’s weight for '88 made him “overweight” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

I really think you want to make an exception and buy charlie francis traning system, and/or buy speed trap or visit your local library (may have it).
I very seriously reccomend this ^ ^

Thanks for all the feedback guys.

This must be one of the best forums I’ve ever been to! Infact every reply has helped me in some way!

When/ If I do time a 100m, I will try to post it up on here.


I doubt they have it here in the UK.

The problem is I don’t think I can persuade my parents to buy these for me. Personally I would but you know what teenagers are like; BROKE! :stuck_out_tongue:

They have it everywhere where there is internet, it is a downloadable pdf. Just click on the online store link at the top of the forum page. The store only sells video and pdf downloads. Charlie Francis Training System was my first purchase and is nice because it covers pretty much everything. GPP Essentials is also good and if you’re just starting you’d probably need to do more general preperation work.

Christmas is coming up!

CFTS Ebook
just over £12

GPP Essentials download
under £25