Note from Angela Coon

Thanks guys. I went ahead and ordered GPP Essentials.

GPP is a great film, and its on our SUMMER SPECIAL at 40% off till Monday. !

To be fair they are all great films!

Hello guys, its the first time I order something…how does the payment system work? I can’t find anything similar to what I’ve used before

I just ordered GPP essentials and it says “Your order will be completed when payment has been verified. Please check you order status regularly for changes.” - how do I pay for it?

When you have fully checked out and paid for your order, your order status will change from pending to complete. Upon it changing to complete, your digital download is ready for you.

Thats all there is to it.

Hi, which program do you need to run the videos on windows and mac?

Windows Media Player for PC
Flip 4 Mac is required to play the films on Mac.

Hope this helps.

Yeah, that’s what I’m asking…

How do I pay? I can’t find the payment option…

Ange, thanks for extending such a great offer to us all.

I was recently debating what I could afford from my shortlist. Now I have it all.

Thank you

Thank you.

My order has been pending for about 3-4 days now, was there a problem with the payment?

You pay off credit card or bank account?

Paid through Paypal

Please contact
and I will also look into this

Yes but within Paypal you can choose bank account or credit card. If you pay with a bank account, it can take about a week for the payment to be completed.

No, it was directly from my paypal account. Paypal to Paypal as it were.

Hey guys,
Any updates on the order / billing situation? I sent an email to with the particulars.

FYI it was order # CFS-5938

would you pls send me a private message and forward your email to me that you sent info?
Angela Coon
thank-you for your patience and I will make sure you are taken care of.
I have been busy trying to take my son away for some r and r and some soccer over sees. If for some reason we miss each other before Aug 18th I will make sure we take care of this when I return.
thank-you for your business