Note from Angela Coon

Yes but within Paypal you can choose bank account or credit card. If you pay with a bank account, it can take about a week for the payment to be completed.

No, it was directly from my paypal account. Paypal to Paypal as it were.

Hey guys,
Any updates on the order / billing situation? I sent an email to with the particulars.

FYI it was order # CFS-5938

would you pls send me a private message and forward your email to me that you sent info?
Angela Coon
thank-you for your patience and I will make sure you are taken care of.
I have been busy trying to take my son away for some r and r and some soccer over sees. If for some reason we miss each other before Aug 18th I will make sure we take care of this when I return.
thank-you for your business