Aviva London Grand Prix - Men's 100m Results

Rank Athlete Nation Result
1 GAY, Tyson USA 9.78 WL
2 BLAKE, Yohan JAM 9.89
3 THOMPSON, Richard TRI 10.05
4 SAMUELS, J-Mee USA 10.10
5 RODGERS, Michael USA 10.17
6 KIMMONS, Trell USA 10.27
7 SPEARMON, Wallace USA 10.29
8 DIX, Walter USA 12.46

1: How bad is Dix injury.

2: How is Rodgers running this year.

Was his pride hurt or was he really hurt? It seemed he pulled up when Gay was separating from the pack.

Rodgers has been running in the 10.0x-10.2x range consistently this year. Started well but has been getting slower.

Gay seemed to be hurt as well in this race, as it seemed his groin was tweaked or it was bothering him. I guess the weather wasn’t that great either.


Gay looked to have a bit of a groin strain judging by how he was afterwards.

Yohan Blake looked amazing in this race. How about J-Mee Samuels finishing 4th running 10.10 less than a week after a PB? That’s two races in a row he’s beaten Mike Rodgers. Pretty impressive.

Check how he lifts his head immediately after he gets off the blocks. It seems to me that his desire to cross the finish as soon as possible is driving him so much that sometimes his technique gets punished for it.

Thompson’s technique is still the worst ever! That’s just pure pain to watch.

I had my doubts about the Lucerne race but I guess this pretty much confirms Blake and Samuels times were accurate.

Blake didn’t run in Lucerne. Gay seems to have improved his arm action at the start. Too bad he didn’t run in Lucerne. In this form he would have gone 9.6 under the superior conditions there.

I confused YB with Carter.

Rodgers is average at best this year. Gay smashed everyone out the blocks. Made dix pull up lame trying to keep up. Yall think dix would have beaten blake? My money was on blake.
Under 9.9 at the age of 20. 4x1 jam wr next year again.

JA 4X1…9.86 to 9.89 to 9.58 to 9.72. That’s just ridiculous to say the least. My guess they’ll run 36.8+