What would be a good time for a 15 year old?

lol im a teenager myself, 16 years old.
they arent expensive man, just get CFTS if you cant get anything else, christmas time anyway ?

I don’t celebrate Christmas as I’m Buddhist. :slight_smile:

I ment is it possible to buy these books or any other suggestions in book-stores or even Amazon.co.uk?

Not saying I don’t trust this website but more likely to buy it if it was on Amazon or a book-store like the WHSmith.

Do you realize that Charlie Francis is the author of these books, and that this is his website? He sells his stuff in electronic format, rather than through printed books.

Go to http://www.charliefrancis.com/store/Scripts/default.asp

Yes I did! :smiley:

I looked for speed trap in WHSmith and found it at £6.99. But I can’t seem to find Charlie Francis Training System which interested me more.

If I can’t find it, I might have to buy it here.

But for alternatives, would thesebe ok:



I dont understand why you cant buy it here…
many many people including myself have bought it on here, its an ebook and you can get it right away basically, on your computer.

It’s hard to explain.

I want to buy CFTS but my parents wouldn’t understand why I’d spend $19.99 dollars/ £12.24 for an e-book.

So I guess I might have to do without it. :frowning:

EDIT: Is CFTS £12.24 with the special holiday savings?

15?Just witnessed 3 days ago the new italian record for this age group over 60m indoor…7"12…not bad!

yeah ok brain dead as I said.
experts also said his start was bad?
who cares about bmi
how fit are you , how strong etc…
kick_start45… just start with basic stuff dude. We have given you lots and now you need to get to work.
keep us posted and good luck.

There is no site anywhere that offers as much good information at as low a price when you factor in the forum.
Ask mom and dad if they have heard of copyright laws?
No person is authorized to sell any of my husband’s intellectual property except this site.
I rub Budda’s belly every chance I get! We all need luck.

Hey Guys,

Firstly, hope you all had a great christmas.

Here in the UK, it was snowing, A LOT, which didn’t give me a chance to time a 100m. Most of the snow has melted but there are still patches of ice around. So instead I’ve been doing some research. I found some good sites in elitetrack.com and pponline.co.uk. They had some interesting and useful articles on sprinting.

I was also on the lookout for athletics clubs near me. And the nearest one to me is 9 miles away. I’m still undecided on that though…

Today, I went to the near football/ soccer field and tried to time a few 100m sprints. But the field was literally frozen and despite, I rather foolishly, went ahead and ended up slipping! :stuck_out_tongue:

While on my way back home, I was disappointed but then I decided to get atleast a few times. The road I chose was approximately 85-90m. It was concrete and a little slippery. I only had one attempt.

From a standing position, I timed 10.95 for that distance. Since it was hand-timed, I added 0.24- 0.30 which leaves the time at around 11.19- 11.25. Not overly impressed but I don’t think it’s too bad for my skill and the conditions.

From that is it possible to workout/ predict a time for the 100m on a synthetic track with proper warm-up and equipment?

In the IAAf somewhere, hand timing gets rounded up to nearest 10ths.

87.5m, 11’ 100m - 12.6’

Maybe 12mm needle spikes with a inbuilt spike heater would increase traction,

I doubt it is worth the stress worring about it

Thanks Sady. Even though it’s only a prediction, 12.6 wouldn’t be too bad. Someone I know who does athletics and is the same age as me ran the 100m in 12.4 with training.

Again, I want to thanks everyone for their advice and suggestions. However, I apologize that they have gone to waste. Even though I love sprinting, when I think about it, I realise that sprinting just isn’t my thing. :frowning:

Hopefully, in the future I can change my mind.

Don’t give up, look at the recent analise this posts by kitkat1 and use hills, they don’t have to be super steep, up, down across.

Not everyone can be a world champion, improve your motor skills, balance and keep fit and you will run faster. CF has the best training methadology

nevermind…read that wrong

You should pick up a camera and record your sprints. You can use the recordings to time your sprints consistently and accurately, and also figure out what needs improvement.