What to do for best recovery within 24 hours of next race?

My daughter will be running the 400m and 800m at a usatf jo national qualifier this Saturday and Sunday.

She normally does not run the 800m, ran it for the 1st time in over a year last week at the usatf association championship…about 40 minutes after running the 400m, which she iced her legs for 10 minutes directly after the race, then did warmups for 25 minutes, until she had to line up for the 800m.

She placed 1st in the 400m, and she was “supposed” to take it easy in the 800m and stay behind the leader/s until the end of the race, but she decided to not follow the plan and thought she was super girl…well…she led the race until the last 100m when 2 other girls were just waiting for her to tire and passed her…at least she was able to finish 3rd…
another lesson learned.

She decided to run the 400m and 800m because she does the best in those events even though she doesn’t normally run the 800m and trains for the 100/200m, which she will get back to next track season.

What we would like to know, what would work best for recovery after the 400m on Saturday…getting ready for the 800m on Sunday?
The races are almost exactly 24 hours apart… both are around noon on each day.

She will get an ice bath shortly after the 400m, and light massage…but what else can be done?
Can ice or ice bath be used multiple times, or should contrasting showers be used after she does the ice bath?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Super slow 20min jog. In joggers, same day as 400m
Hot/cold showers
Pnf stretching after jog or contrast to reset muscles.
Good food with good carbs
Lots of water.

No need to do pnf after a 400m race - normal static stretching will do the job…

1: Elevate legs for about 10mins
2: 5-10mins jogging/5-10mins static stretching
3: High protein/mod high carbs shake within 15-30mins follow by a solid meal 60-90mins after
4: Contrast shower
5: Light body slapping or easy ems

And most probably a more progressive warm up than usual on the 2nd race day. Good luck!

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, this really helps!

RB34, I did get the Globus “Speed Coach Plus” about a month or so ago, but have only been using it for recovery on Speed days a couple times a week.

Would you recommend the “massage” setting, and use on glutes/hams/quads and what level?

Don’t know much about the unit - I normally use a very light pulsing mode for 10-20mins for (calves/quads-hip flexor/hams etc)…