What more can i do?

I have finished college for the year and have a lot of free time on my hands for the next 2-4 weeks. basically i have the time to train full-time. At the moment I am following CFTS pretty closely (CNS, tempo alternating).

CNS day: p.m track followed by weights (maintenance)
Tempo day: p.m drills, tempo, hurdles, abs

Just wondering what more can i do. prepared to spend all day training but am worried that it will affect performance.

is it a case of more spare time = more rest and not more training??

What more can i do? Split weights and track? Twp tempo sessions a day?

Thanks for the input.

Under the old addage: “In the first case, do no harm”, the emphasis should be on more recovery and enhanced circulation, to improve the sessions you’re already doing. For example, if you train once a day normally, you could add a very moderate warm-up routine before breakfast- a few exercises just to get the blood flowing, so the afternoon warm-up will be easier. Rest with the feet elevated in the mid-morning to improve circulation (40% of the circulatory work is done by the return pump from the legs). AND, of course, my favourite (for others) the hot-and-cold showers- 3min hot, 1min cold as you can stand it, 3 times through.

Is there ever a case where spreading the work load over two sessions per day would be better than just doing one?

It can be done, but the problem is facility location and travel time. In a training camp situation, this can work well, but, for most people, the travel mitigates any benefit. The other problem is warming up. During the final taper, where only a few weights are being done, you can go straight into the weight room with little warming up on the weights and get te lifts done. If you have a large gap, you have to go through the whole warm-up procedure again. So split sessions might be better in the heaviest training periods, with a split of about 4 hrs minimum.

Hi Charlie, When you say “3 times through” do you mean 3 times consecutively (this is what I am assuming you mean) or 3 x “through” the day (ie., 3x/day)?

Yes, consecutively.

i am in the same position and was wondering the same thing… what about if I did tempo in the morning? and then either a workout or tempo later in the day? travel time wouldnt be a big deal since i live close to the track. I just want to know if its worth doing it. If it is not going to help really then I will just continue to train once a day…

I hear a lot of top level athletes saying that they train 2-3 times a day with about 5-7hrs total. According to what is being said here, they are either bullshitting us. Or they are super powers!!!

If travel and time aren’t a problem, you can split workouts. A typical AM session might be various easy med ball tosses with a jog to pick up the ball between for 8 to 10 lengths of the field, folowed by sit-ups and stretching. Another AM session might be hurdle walkovers and hurdle overs and unders for 2 to 6 sets of 10 hurdles.
PM session could be your tempo or speed, depending on the day.

Examples of these workouts are on the GPP DVD.

Charlie I remember reading in speed trap that Ben trained 8 hours a day at one point, what did he do for 8 hours?

This is the kind of time that can be consumed in a training camp setting with 2 or 3 x per day training. This would only occur during a heavy speed session in hot conditions which would allow for very long breaks- up to 35min between reps for the longer runs.
Lets take a typical mid-season speed session of very high quality in conditions hot enough for full recoveries.
workout time
Warm Up = 1 hour
4 x 30m from stand, 4.5min break = 1:14min
10min recovery = 1:24min
4 x 30m block starts, 7min break = 1:46min
15 min recovery = 2:01
80m from stand
20min recovery = 2:21
100m from stand
25min recovery = 2:46
120m from stand
25min recovery = 3:11
150m from stand
warm down = 3:21
15 min stretch break = 3:41
Now weights
You get the idea how time passes. Add an AM session and therapy and the day’s gone!

total volume=690 meters.

Thanks Charlie!
Will digest info and integrate.

I already use the cold showers 2-3 week after speed sessions. Do you suggest using them more often. Morning after ‘circulatory/warm-up’ session and after track in the evening??

Thanks again.

There’s no reason you can’t do it every day.


Regarding circulation and hot/cold showers/tubs. Considering that you state that enhanced circulation is a key factor in recovery could not the 3 x (3’ hot + 1’ cold) be increased to say 5 times or even 10 times. I just curious considering that it’s passive recovery and wouldn’t seem like a detriment. Kind of like the EMS work increasing strength without taxing the CNS? Thanks

It may not seem so passive when you’re doig it! I’d stick to 3 times through and repeat later in the day if you have time.

Very very interesting.

Charlie, what is the purpose of this “treatment” in this case ?

Improved circulation.

Simple and to the point! : )

Sorry for the ignorance, maybe my question is answered in another thread but why not a continuous hot shower ?