What more can i do?

I’ve done it and the only part that’s not passive is having the WILL to back in the cold tubs when it’s only 8 degrees celcius (sp?). I was just wondering if you knew if it was a bad idea physiologically or no added benefit with doing it like that?

Have had a chance to look through, how does the below look?

Speed Days
am Contrast Shower, Abs, Self-Massage, Microstretching
pm Speed

Tempo Days

  1. Various easy med ball tosses with a jog to pick up the ball between for 8 to 10 lengths of the field
  2. Hurdle Drills
  3. Abs and Microstretching

pm Tempo + Sauna w/ cold water contrast

If get a chance will literally ‘put my feet up’ in the mid-morning!

Charlie, what do you think about splitting tempo sessions, half in the morning, half in the evening with perhaps a slightly greater total volume of tempo (maybe 1600 am and pm for 400m runner)??

Clemson gave an outline for a tempo day for a pro living close to a track. will find it and post.

thanks for any insights.

Sorry, I’m having trouble trying to visualize this and I currently don’t have the DVD yet. Do you mean, toss the ball then jog up to it, then toss it,c then jog up to it, then toss it, etc etc?

If so, do you simply toss it forward and with slight squat (ie, double leg burst outs)? the reason I ask is b/c you say “various” med ball tosses and also, the word “between” is confusing me.

From another thread relevant to this thread:

EMS Pulsing Mode (Charlie)

Why don’t you use the EMS in a pulsing mode to help with recovery for now till the season’s over since you’re already feeling fatigued? Perhaps 10min twice a day on the ham and quad muscles with the legs elevated slightly to aid the circulation.

A light short pulse as short as it goes, preferably under one sec for both pulse and relaxation

That’s fine, in fact, will help- just not for strength this late on

my model has a lowest pulse tme setting on/off of 2 secs. Thats a minimium of 2 secs on / 2 secs off.

Is this still ok for pulsing mode?

Should be ok. is there any info on the ‘rise time’? (That’s the time from on to max strength of the contraction) If the rise time is longer- ie2sec, you could use for 10min, but if it’s shorter- ie3/4sec, I’d opt for 5 min sessions (acc longer time at a higher contraction.)

This is being done because he’s training alone (no one to catch the ball and throw it back), so he has to throw it then pick it up, throw it pick it up…

wrong thread!

I am sure that is adjustable and I can set it at 0secs, 1 secs, 2 secs etc. So for a 2sec contraction (in pulse mode) I should use a 2sec ‘ramp up’ time limiting the time to a split second at highest contraction point?


I’d set it at 1.5 sec with .5 at the max that you want. that should be pretty comfortable.