What gives? GPP or SPP?

I have a dilemma, the Welsh indoor championship is on week 11 of SPP if I keep to my current 7 week GPP. The UK Championship is then on week 14 SPP (comp) a few competitions follow that will fall outside the ideal supercompensation window (i’m going to keep heavy bench as long as possible).

So. Should I cut the GPP by a week so that the first champs are at week 12 and the second week 15? Should I cut the SPP accum by a week? Or should I stay the same and risk not being ready for the first champs?



normally, I’d suggest cutting back the GPP, but, You need to determine if you require the full GPP to let your body re-adjust gradually to higher quality speed work. The more improvement you require overall, the more likely you need to full 7 wk GPP.

Thanks for the reply Charlie.

My last season was partial after an operation at Xmas, so I should think I need the full GPP. I’m also looking for a big improvement this year (my first year CFTS). Also, I figured that the SPP accumulation would be less important for me as I’m aiming 60m and some Long Jump only indoors. So SE, and Hypertrophy (LJ) are not as important. And the shorter the distance, the smaller cycles can be used I believe. GPP itself also acts as accumulation I suppose.

However, the fact that some other good meets fall after the 15 weeks means that keeping a 12 week SPP would allow me to compete better at these meets, but sacrificing form for the first Championships on week 11. I suspect I’ll use the 10-day taper only once, for the UK championships (week 14 or 15).

Following the weights lectures I would stagger the MS lifts as suggested to try and maintain a longer peak… really prolong the bench…

Sounds like you’ve figured out the best approach in your circumstance.

I’m not quite sure how to treat the volume on week 11. Following something similar to the Vancouver S-L the intensity is well up at week 11, so as to overload before supercompensation I believe. If I’m to compete at near-best I reckon I’ll need a ‘mini-taper’, in which which case what would be more important to cut, the volume or intensity? I’m considering very high intensity 7 days out (a la 7 day taper) but keep the volume the same leading thereafter but drop all sprints to 95% max. I hope a method like this will not effect the later peak.

if you need a mini-taper, you’d prob be best to cut the intensity slightly but not the volume at that point.

Charlie going back to my original question, I will be on week 7 while following the workouts on your spp graph, would you change the volume as planned or keep the intensity submax? Not sure if it would be a good idea to do flying 20’s 4-5 days before a meet.

Sub max. If you are all sub max then the flying 20s are ok regardlesss.