what are your goals for this session?

I am just curious what types of athletes we have in here.
What are the goals for you guys and gals this year?
Personally, I want to be at 21.3 and about 10.5 by the end of the summer.

My best so far are 21.9, and 48.2. I was brought up as a Quarter-miler but now I am trying to switch gears in more of the pure sprinter direction!

Good luck to you all. Oh yeah, does anybody know of any upcoming all comers meets in say Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Florida?
Thanks again.

My goals aren’t very exciting :slight_smile:

Get back into the 11 FAT range and 23FAT in the 200m.


6.60m for lj

To stay health for the rest of the summer so i can qualify for World Youth 05

16.55m in triple jump , no olympics as Idowu has jumped the “A standard” lol

but hey… at 20 years old , jonathan Edwards was a 16.05m man;)
so ,am hopin that means something;)


For the summer track season…100m-10.8 200-22.9-23.0

I got state this weekend so my goal is to for

Day 1-advance to finals
Day 2-Place in the top 4

For next year’s track season…


10.9 for 05 season

My goals: set a SOLID schedule, 12.0 100m and work speed endurance to run the 200. Not much, but realistic.

13.0 HS vaulter (female) next year.

For this summer, to get my time fat at 100 m. Get a coach and a training program.

Quite hard to do :rolleyes:

For Summer 2005, change all my HT to FAT without changing the time.

2005 Season:
200m - <23.0
400m - 49.?


Just out of curiosity, are you a track coach or stength coach? If you are a track coach, how many events would you say that you’re pretty good at coaching? Sorry for the nosy question. Im just trying to see if maybe I should learn more about other events (particulary endurance and throws) instead of just sprints and jumps.

Many thanks

I can coach the following.

Swimming (all events)
Football ( skill positions)
Track and Field (not hammer yet)

I am rather effective in weight room.

WOW!Thats Pretty damn diverse. Did you compete in all those sports?

all but football…(flag football doesn’t count)

I’m heading to Alabama as a decathlete, so my goals are to learn pole vault, shot, jav, and discus, and goals of the following in the other events:

LJ: 23-0
HJ: 6-6
100m: 10.55
400m: 49.0
110h: ???
1500m: ???

My goals have changed :frowning: they were -

100m 11.7 FAT
200m 23.5 FAT

Now they’re - don’t get injured again / if possible compete this season and if so -

100m 12.0 FAT
200m 24.0 FAT

Last year I hit targets -

100m 11.89 HT =
200m 24.00 HT =

2005 spring season goals

Question about the cycling training. I also like to do downhill mountainbiking and its lot of sprinting and power involved in that. I am looking to train some semi pro DH mountain bikers. I was going to follow the some of the wieght training and plyo prinibles from the CFTS but what about sprinting on the bike? Do you have an idea on volumes distances etc?

I know a contact that does that thing for a living …he might want $$ to give up his info! :eek: