weight in gpp

i’m going to do a 7 weeks of Gpp now, and i’m looking at gpp video, and i see that in the hill days there is upper weight program and in the tempo day there is low body weight, while i always do hill + low body weight.
what is the correct way?

That is early in the GPP and later that switches to lower closer to the SPP (watch the GPP vid again and you’ll see the graphs about the weights that explains it)

Do you recommend 6 days of lifting for lower level athletes, seems like a lot?

But the first few weeks are not of high capacity which enables one to do 6x/wk, esp beginners/lower levels.

It’s explained in the Wts 1 & 2 videos.

When you are in the GPP, spreading the work over all the days makes sense but as you intensify the running and hte weight go up as well, you need to lift after speed. Watch the reasoning and how it all shifts on both the GPP download and the new Weights for Speed series.

Depends if you are following a 3x8-10 or 5x5 setup in gpp.

True, but for lower level athletes, going 5x5 in GPP may not be the best move. Keeping reps high should be good enough in my experience.

sorry charlie but sometimes I lose same words because i don’t understand english.
i already did a 3 week of “early gpp” and i do a lot of one leg work, high reps upper body, so now is better if i do the training of the later parts of GPP?
for ESTI:
I’m not a beginner (10 years weight and sport, and 2 of sprint), what kind of work is better? i want to do more volume, but usually i prefer increase series more than reps. is good?

Depends what is your def of lower level athlete? Is it a 16yr kid running 12.1 or a 20yr old college kid running 10.9… Both of these athletes are lower athletes but the 10.9 guy should be able to handle 4-5x5 for most of gpp.

Agreed. 5x5 early could be done, but not to anything close to max loads. I like to use the higher rep ranges to prepare the muscles and tendons for the higher weights in weeks to come. I think of it as more a transition.

An example for a HS athlete who is sub 11 was:
wk 1 3x10
wk 2: 4x8
wk 3: 4x6
wk 4 5x5 moderate
wk 5 5x5 heavier

The 5x5 heavier sets were essentially 4 warm-up sets and 1 max effort set. This lasted for about 6-8 weeks, before I moved to a more “wave-loading” approach using 5x5, then intensifying as 3x3 towards the end of SPP.

All work will and can be modified based on the sprint workout itself.

Charlie said the 5x5 is the fastest way to increase strength, do you cont the 5x5 into spp?

Did he mention what method of 5x5? Or is it all complimentary to sprinting so the method doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t harmful to the speed work? I’m curious because I’ve seen a handful of methods for the 5x5 (straight sets, ascending, 3 top sets, etc).

By the time you’re lifting 5 x 5 I’d expect you’d be late in the GPP or into the SPP and would be lifting after speed only.

I don’t find the thread of numbertwo (i think) about the different set/reps pattern in the GPP-spp and so on.
someone have this?
so in the medium of GPP what is the best choice?
and…a part from set/reps, is the % of 1rm the thing to make the difference. 5x5 at 70% of 5RM is a thing, 5x5 at 90% of 5RM is other

No he did not but he did mention that the lifting will be all over the place, for example you may have a total of 12 workouts and only 7 of those workouts would be 5x5 the other workouts may be 2x5 or 3x5 etc but the setup is still a 5x5 setup…

I would agree with your pattern- getting into the 5 x 5 when you’re ready to use it.

5x5 seems like a lot in spp esp if the athlete are following your spp graphs, I like something along these lines:

5, 5, 5
5, 4, 4

Fine for bench at the high end but for the strongest squatters you want to keep up the stress but be careful how high the weight gets there.
With Ben, I had to restrict it to 6 reps of 600 (two sets) and keep him there over the final two years to keep him safe. I was mindful of Stan Floyd who dropped reps and went to 670 but strained his back at a key time a few years earlier.

It seems like Bert Hill of the Detriot Lions learned a couple things from you. :slight_smile: He never allowed his football players to squat over 400lbs because of injuries etc.

Not much different 3x5 or 5x5 or 2x6…

Are you saying to use 5x5 because it allows you to keep up the stress with mod load?

I wouldn’t call 600 pounds moderate for a 173 pound guy. I just decided that was far enough and the 6 reps gave me wiggle room for the taper- where i could go 3, then 2 reps before the poundage had to start dropping, extending the peak.
And yes, I did work with Bert Hill.
BTW, Bert prepared videos of training tips with me that were sent to all the Lions players back in 1992, including drills etc. Years later, one of my lawyer clients told me: “My nephew in high school got hold of a video of football drills with a girl in it that looks a lot like your wife Ange!” Of course it WAS Ange. Small world.