Warming Down

Is warming down necessary for decreasing the muscle tone and clearing metabolites?

If so, without warming down, muscle tone would remain significantly elevated after training and metabolites would ‘linger’ and cause unnecessary recovery issues.

Is this correct?

i believe so. but id like to hear from others. so lets bring this thread back up to the top so it is not overlooked.

What do you mean by muscle tone and metabolites?

Muscle tone is the tension of your muscle due to neural input - this increases during exercise, but before the start of the next session you want your muscle tone to lower to normal to help prevent injury. Metabolites are break down/bi-products of the energy systems eg. lactate, H ions which may or maynot hinder recovery for the next session.

I’m also interested in whether this is correct so bump-ba-dump-bum-bump.

I’m inclined to agree with QUIKAZHELL. Especially if it’s an active warm down. Would be interesting to see what others think though…

Nutrient Exchange is optimised when muscles are at their resting length. Mild stretching after excercise aids in the reduction of tension in the muscles, facilitating this exchange.


Do you have any references for this topic. Also do you know of the effects of immediate
slow jogging after training?


There is a small reference to this in Bompa’s ‘Periodisation for Sport’. A more comprehensive source of information on the subject is probably available elsewhere.

Re: slow jogging after training
Slow jogging (or walking) after training, as you have alluded to yourself, promotes fresh circulation throughout the body, aiding in the clearance of metabolites and the ‘flushing-out’ of muscles.

to those that do a warm down;

how long does it normally last?

Thanks gf.

My warmdown lasts for about 10 minutes

didn’t John Smith say walk a lap, because that’s what race horses do?

yes he did!!!

I think what is done in the warmdown should reflect what has been done in the session. Short sprints and long lactic work are going to produce different waste products and effect the muscles in different ways, so why warm down the same way.

I include:

Short, slow tempo runs (50m-120m)
Static stretching
And sometimes after easier sessions just throwing or kicking a ball around.

Depending largely what ive done.

Unless increasing flexibility is a goal, I don’t see the necessity in stretching immediatly after training since the muscles are still greatly lengthened anyway. I would feel stretching is more worthwhile after a number of hours when the muscles may be shortening due to the effects of hypertrophy; especially following weight training. Any views?

I would certainly stretch post training, especially after track training or any running… I’ve always found it more beneficial to do rather than avoid!

To paraphrase Dazed - the type of stretching used is determined by the session just completed.

Stretching a number of hours after training may be beneficial also.

As for the line - ‘walk a lap, because that’s what race horses do’ ( … if JS did even say that …)
… pass the donkey nuts and give me some more oats - I wanna be hung like one …

No matter what the session is i always make sure i either walk or jog a lap (depends what the session was!), sometimes i cycle home, so i find i don’t need to walk/jog a lap. If i’m not I usually do some form of static stretching, the following day is a blessing-no stiffness!!

people usually neglect the cool down as its done just because it has to be done.the cool down is as important as the warm up.people spent a great deal of time warming up to prepare themselves for the task ahead.why not put the same emphasis on the cool-down and this will improve you capabilities as an athlete.don’t just moan because you have to do it,do it for the purpose of cooling down…take your time,have a chat while cooling down,unwind

This sounds funny - but I actually envy those who cycle to training - a nice cycle home is one of the best warm downs you can get.
One point though on that is that cycling does encourage a shortening of the hams so I would use as high a seat position as possible.
For those of you who haven’t cars yet - stay away from them - they’re bad news!!!