Warming Down

Feel free to get a bike, no23. You can always leave the car in the drive :sing:

mmm - I’ll think about that one!!!

[Actually I walk to the track - it’s right beside me - 200ms]

Possably some of the best times i have done track is when i lived approx 1mile from the track. It was a x-country run for 95% of the way. Acted as a good warm up and warm down. During those days, we followed the cf training to the best we could understand it.
2x speed, 1x speed endurance, 3x tempo and weights in a shed at the track right after the speed/enduracne work outs. Then run/walk home (still 1mile, though it felt like 2or3).
I think the warm down is highly underrated. Trying to get back into running, i am finding tightness a issue. I am also not doing the warm downs like i used to, i have to drive to the track, i dont want to become a 10k runner!!
What about the issue of stretching? I think 10min of static stretching at the very end would be fantastic, loosen up tight areas, stretch out chronic problems, relax and drink your protein shake and go home feeling Fantastic.