warm weather camp suggestions

I have the opportunity to have one athlete spend 17 days in a warm island location, with state of the art facility, track gym, cold tub, physio and so on.
It is the first time I have this opportunity, so i wanted some experienced coaches to give me some hindsight.
We’ll come back on 23, and first indoor race could be on 30 ( 24 …but just one day later than 7 hours trip)
I wanted to exploit warm weather, but not chang e training set up too much, so after an easier week here, he could continue the same progression we use here indoor, with some longer stuff, given weather and track.
I had an ide like that:
0: last training at home, 350-380m speed + wweight
1: arrival + shakedown
2:warm up+ tempo
3: speed + 2 longer reps + weights
4: tempo + circuits
6: speed /acc320-350m + weights
8: massage/recovery /beach activities
9:speed /acc 300m + weights
10:warm up dyn activities
11: speed + 1 longer rep + massage
13:speed 280-300m
14:tempo /warm up Massage
15:speed +weight
16:massage warm up
17:block starts + easy 80
18:flight back
19: an easy race, not suggested.

Last session, depending on race on day 19, or week later.
He usually do not perform double sessions, but could be an idea to change that for just 17 days? ( or just speed, wait 3-4 hours, then weights…easier in this period)
The last 6 days could also become sp/w / tempomassage/sp / w + massage, like a sort of tapering…
Also, low int day could be set up with a part of track activity ( grass one), and a part of fun/ high knees in the water and so on ( better on long speed day?)…I have to ponder everything, in order to maximize the training effect.
We have to peak in a month after his return.

A little update…we used a similar albeit slightly different plan…everything ok, also availability of a " stone handed" masseur, with lots of different techniques in his pocket…
Times …quite fast, although the track is a bit soft…other 10 days, then come back.
Charlie, when coming back from a camp like that , and having national champs 35 days after, do you suggest to have 1 week here before cometing?( we have access to indoor facility).
I planned on performing 3 races before national champs, and continue with 1 sub max speed + 1 start session for the rest of comp season.
Any imput is welcomed.

Dont go to Florida!!! Freezing right now. Puerto Rico is warm cheap and they have an IAAF high performance center.

go to http://www.nacactfca.org/ maybe they can link you up with someone…

sorry didnt notice your last post!!!

Eheh:) Thanks for the suggestion, but we choos Canary islands…:slight_smile:

Yes, you would neeed a week to re-adjust to location and harder track etc (spent sub-max)

That’s what I supposed to do…
sat: flight back
mon: warm up, hurdle mob, med ball
tue: 30 / 30+30 + w
thu: rest
fri: 10m block + stim
sat: race

A little update on what I’d do:

sat: flight back
mon: warm up, hurdle mob, med ball
tue: 30 / 30+30 + w
thu: warm up
fri: starts to 10m + stim
sat: rest
sun: race 60m

Charlie, the situation now is that we had marvelous training times over 80, 100 and 120, so, after 17 days of loading, I’d use this week as rest also.
Would you think that a set up with 3 speed days ( very low volume), would be better to transition to cold climate ( we have indoor straight luckyly), like Tu /TH and Sat 10m start?

A spread like that gives the lowest effective volume per session, so I would use that set-up.

Thank you Charlie,
I’d use some attention, because the track here is also a lot harder…today we had some med balls throw and slj, other than warm up and easy strides.
Tomorrow, the plan is to have 3-4 x20-30, and 2 x 60 ( 30-30 ).,or 2x60 and 1 x 80 ( 30-50), sub max.I’d like to continue with the longer stuff, but too cold outside.
easy plyos on the warm up, eventually some contacts after, but usually no.
We’ll add weights, just cleans ( like 3-4 x2, 80-85%), squats ( 2-3x 3-4, 80%)and bp, ( 2-3x 3-4, 85%)
Do not want to unload too much, since national champs are on Feb 28.

Any updates???

We ended up with 6"89…unfortunately at national champs, in the morning, he forgot to start:)
At 10m was 1,5m behind the last…an amazing 20-60 section,got 4 guys, but race was over.He was in a 6"80 shape, or even less.( never been a 60 guy).
Now starting outoor prep.

That’s too bad…

::slight_smile: It happens .on 60m one error and its over.On 100 we’ll reap some satisfactions I hope.

What’s his goals for the 100m?

Sub 10"50…last year he had 10"45 ( +2,1) and 10"41 ( +2,5)…plus we missed 1 month due to gastroint problems.