Walter Dix 19.72 +1.8m/s, Tyson Gay 19.76

Dix lead the entire straight after a strong curve to win. Dix ran a dismal 20.14 or something out of lane 1 at the US Championships recently.

Dix is a thick dude. Reminds me of John Regis from the UK back in the day.

I said the samething last week, looked like he added a couple pounds.

He’s always been thick. Check the video of him when he ran 19.69 - he was very thick even when young.

I know that, he has added pounds of muscle this yr. Look at the pictures.

Gay didnt look good, and it appeared his leg isn’t close to back. Ato said Gay said it was 85%. If so, why is he running, especially at a Nike meet.

It could be lack of training but it looked as if the last 60m was a struggle for gay, and a slight limp began to appear in his stride.

How’s the new training going for Crawford?

Shit I’ll that 85% any day…

I believe Dix is a lot shorter than Regis…

Does anyone have a video of the race?


My only issue is Dix was that he was a bit of a poor sportsman towards Gay during the interview after they raced.

I noticed that also, I was laughing my ass off.

Dix is a big guy alright, very thick joints & ligaments compared to most sprinters, probably a beast in the gym too.

I’ve heard a lot of times now, that he barely lifts.

Looks like Gays strength and conditioning coach/program is not paying off as of yet; maybe later… we’ll see.


You mean rope exercises and tricep extensions? :cool:



He’s a competitor and he’s probably tired of hearing about Tyson this and Tyson that. I too was lauging my ass offl. :cool:

DIx loves his cupcakes and sweets

He’s been training with John Smith… I Was watching their training a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to me that he was out of shape… Constantly beaten by his teammate… Maybe some health isue?