Walter Dix 19.72 +1.8m/s, Tyson Gay 19.76

lol… yes but Tyson is a cool dude… When he wins he’s never rude to anybody…

I know right…

Dix is talking alot of shit lately. I can understand That all sprinters are generally shit talkers but he is on another level. Did yall see the interview he did before the 100m final at the us champs. He just totally dismissed asafa and gay and said he would beat bolt and get the wr in the 1 and 2. He said bolt has only beat him twice. Well they only raced twice and we know how that turned out. I mean damn u barely beat a out of shape gay who hasn’t raced in 2 months and know your the fastest man in America? I cant wait to see him jump in that 100 with asafa. I respect his confidence but you dont spit in the wind or tug on superman’s cape!

Gotta understand he hypes himself up and starts pulling words out of his ass.

Very true. His ass is big and those words he pulls out of it are big too :slight_smile:

you should have said “no homo” after that statement

That’s a good one!

He’s backing those words up! :cool: