Video software

I found some rare clips/angles of Ben on youtube and I would like to download the clips and take a portion of it and make it a continuous replay video to study departure angles, and so forth.

So my question is, what kind of software do you guys recommend for this type of application?

mozilla downloadhelper app thingy gets you the .flv file downloaded, then I use AnyVideoConverter to convert it to any number of formats. I think Handbrake also converts to various file types now as well.

there is a youtube downloader. Lets you download youtube vids. But it is slow as hell.

Here is a link:

Thanks guys!

mozilla downloadhelper app can also convert videos, so thats really all you’ll need to get the video ready to be viewed with a video software program

true, but I think you have to register for something otherwise there is a watermark on the videos.