Traning Regimen Needed!!

Fluke - she also runs the 200/400 so I think there is need for endurance and aerobic capacity.

Well then piss on you :stuck_out_tongue:

Now my turn, by week :smiley:

Week 1 - What’s with all the tempo? And further more, where is the acc. dev. for that first week? You have her doing plyos but no acc. dev.? C’mon man :wink: I can see you trying to do 3x Ext. Tempo, but not when you are not doing anything else. You could easily drop a day of Int. Tempo and devote it to acc. dev. I know you probably can’t train her on Saturdays but you can give her an Ext. Tempo workout to do that day and have the Ext. Tempo be on Tues./Thurs./Sat. and then do Acc. Dev. Monday, Int. Tempo Fri., and then maybe something hard on Wed. unless you are bent on 2 Int. Tempo days (I don’t know why) and just put acc. dev. on Wednesday and Int. Tempo Mon./Fri. Don’t you think it’s too early to start with plyos considering she is just coming out?

Week 2 - Plyos on Ext. Tempo AND Split run days? What the hell? Ext. Tempo is for aerobic capacity and recovery, not for CNS fatigue. Definitely something needing change. Don’t you think it’s a bit early to throw her into SE and Split Runs anyway? She is going to be fried with that weekly setup because she’s only getting one real day of rest (Wed.). What are you having her do for SE and split runs that week anyway? Why not throw in a 2nd weightlifting day on Thurs. after the other hard workout?

Week 3 - Much better setup. Now it’s looking like she’s going to get somewhere. She might be a bit fatigued after Fri. but if she knows good recovery methods it’s all good.

Week 4 - Now you throw in 2 acc. dev. days during an unloading week? What the hell? I can MAYBE see the need for 3 Ext. Tempo days that week but that is still questionable. I thought it was best to drop volumes during unloading weeks, not intensities. Either way, it looks OK for now.

I almost dropped a “load” after I saw what you were doing to this girl. What the hell? I can see the need for a few changes but what do I know :wink: I just think you are overdoing it on aerobic capacity work considering she is coming from a sport that is purely aerobic, hence, the aerobic capacity is already there.

Just my just-woke-up thoughts :smiley:

I have gotten some ideas from everyone, keep posting, treble interested to see the next 4 weeks, 400stud your breakdown was very interesting to.

Fluke, as I said before, I was up way longer than I wanted to, and I expected to do some revising. What I posted isn’t exactly what she’ll be doing. S much of it can change, since I have no idea how far their gonna go in the season. The b-ball team is pretty damn good, and I wouldn’t be surprised, if they went to the final 4.

About the run throughs, I use them for multiple purposes, for one their part of the warm up. the other main one is for consistancy. Different days bring different conditions. I can proudly say that she’s never scratched any of her jumps, and has always gotten all of the board. Whether it’s triple jump or long jump. There’s rarely ever a day when we do the same thing. We do long jump run throughs more, because it requires more technique than the triple jump approach. And even though approaches are done everyday, it’s not the same ol’ run down the runway every day. Different things are done on different days.

I think you’re forgetting that she’s not just a jumper. She does the 200/400. So she would need tempo just as much as anyone. Given the amount of time that she has to get ready, I would say that acceleration work isn’t as important as the spec. end. If demands of the event are the case, than spec. end, is definetly gonna be involved. We work on all the things you mentioned.

Acc. Dev. can help with developing the first part of the 400 and 200 because you need to go out hard in the 400 and maintain momentum down the backstretch and in the 200, going out hard will help with the transition off the curve into the homestraight.

Hence, the importance of some acc. dev. work

400stud, i’m bout to rip you a new one :mad:

Naw i’m just jokin

1st week
No matter what there were gonna be some changes made, but i’ll explain anyway. The 1st week was to serve a brief gpp(very brief) I didn’t want her to go “fast” right away so thats why there’s no acc. dev. I added the bleachers and plyo’s not as a acc. dev substitute, but to help with acc. dev. And doin plyo’s right away shouldn’t be a problem since she JUST GOT THROUGH A BASKETBALL SEASON. Get my point. lol As far as the Int. Tempo goes, I was thinking more of her events than anything. I wasn’t gonna add Int. Tempo in the 2nd 4 weeks, might as well add it in the 1st 4 if at all.

2nd week
I actually thought about holdin off on the SE II for a little longer, but then I thought about her events again. Same goes for the split runs. I agree about the plyo’s, after lookin at it while i’m fully awake, it does look a little funny. She’s gonna go to the weight room. But remember, she’s just 15, maybe 16 now. I don’t plan on have her going to the weight room too much. On the weeks when there are 3 speed days, or hi intensity work outs, she’ll go to the weight room twice that week. Other than that, it’ll be once or none. She shouldn’t have a huge problem with fatigue. She’s gonna get the weekends off, and this isn’t gonna be a weekly setup. Not to mention she wouldn’t have run in a meet yet.

3rd week
The reasoning behind this week, is because of the progression that I wanted her to go through. As I said before I didn’t want her to do pure speed right away, and also this way she doesn’t do 3 hi intensity days for all 3 weeks. And again she’s getting the weekend off, cuz she most likely wouldn’t run a meet this week either. So she shouldn’t have a problem recovering. And by adding the short acceleration work that week, she’ll have had some speed work before the next 4 weeks, where she’ll be doing much more pure speed work. This is also the reason why week 4 looks the way it does.

4th week
I added the 2 acceleration days so that I can keep the intensity up and lower the volume. Since this is supposed to be an unloading week,(hehe, I said “load”) the 3 Ext. Tempo days seem needed. Since the next 4 weeks will involve a lot more speed, I wanted to add some speed before she starts so that she doesn’t go from doin no pure speed to doing speed. If I didn’t add acceleration here, I wouldn’t have added it to the 3rd week. Wouldn’t really make sense. So thats why I added the acceleration to these last 2 weeks. The next 4 weeks will be easier to swallow. lol I’ll make sure i’m awoke.

400stud, I know basketball is mostly aerobic, but people always think their in better shape than they really are. I wouldn’t say that what she’s done during the basketball season would be the same as what she would do in the track. I’ve come out to train a few times after coming off of a b-ball season, and I swore up and down, that I was in shape, but boy was I in for a rude awakening. Basketball is also largely plyometric. Thats why I said it shouldn’t be a problem for her to come out and do plyo’s right away. Same thing could be said if she came off a volleyball season. But i’ll keep those things in mind, when I redo the schedule. I expected some revisions, and me writing the schedule out when I should have been dreaming about Angela Williams doesn’t help either. Thanx for the input. And since Speedphenoms guy is a 100/200 runner, i’ll post some ideas for a schedule for that also. But i’m sure this will help as well.

JERK :smiley:

I understand the importance of acc. dev. I’m a huge fan of training 400m runners for speed. After looking over the outline i’ll probably add acceleration a week earlier than I did. I didn’t mean it as 200/400 runners don’t need it. If she didn’t play ball, the schedule woul dlook totally different. I also thought about recovery, and the fact that she won’t be running in a meet for maybe the 1st 3 weeks, so she’ll be getting the weekends off. So i’ll probably add acceleration a week earlier. The next 4 weeks will be much more fun to look at, and i’m also gonna post a suggestion for what speedphenom could do for his guy. You should do the same so we can get more ideas out there.

SpeedPhenom -

How long after basketball is he going to start running meets and what day of the week is the meet?

I need to know so I can make up at least the 1st 4 weeks for you. I think that’s all I need.

400 Stud- Well last year the first day of practice was March 3rd, and the first meet was on March 29th, which was a saturday. I’ll post last years schedule and the days of the meets cause this years has yet to be made.

Sat- March 29th-Invitational- First meet, 100 yards, weird meet.
Wed- April 2nd Dual meet
Sat- April 5th Invitational All Relays
Mon- April 7th Dual
Sat-April 12 All relays meet
tue-April 15th Dual
Thu&Sat-April 17th and 19th-First open invitational
April 25-26-Penn Relays
Sat-March 3rd- All relay meet, however there is open 100 meters there
Tue-May 6th- League Champs
Fri-Sat-May 9th&1oth- Big Invitational
Sat-May 17th- County Meet
Sat-May 24th- Class Meet
Fri&Sat-May 30th&31- State Qualifier Meet
Fri&Sat-June 6th&7th- State Champs

When the season for this upcomming spring comes out I will post it, so i can see your suggestions.

Treble- thanks, Yeah i would like to see your suggestions for my guy to.

If you want, I can give you a general idea, but without dates it makes it harder.

Also, is it 3 weeks b/t basketball and the first meet for track?

400 Stud-Yeah I would like to see a general idea, when the schedule comes out I will post or private message you.

In between basketball and the first meet is about 4 weeks.

Speedphenom, i’m gonna do what I did with our schedule, cuz I don’t know it either. I do know when the state meet is, so I just went backwards from there and guesstimated what days the meets would be this year, if we ran in the same meets, which will probably be the case. So for you, the meet that was on March 29th last year, will probably be on March 27th this year. So going backwards, i’m assuming that the your state meet will be on June 4 & 5th this year. If you start practice at the same time this year, you’ll have three 4 week cycles. If you start practice 2 weeks earlier, you’ll have 4 cycles.

Great. I would say have him take a week off between basketball and track to get his head together and let him do whatever, as long as it isn’t harmful. If you want just let him lift that week. Sometimes taking a mental break can be more important than any training you can do. Trust me.

Here’s a general plan for an accumulation phase…

You would want to do acc. dev. once a week, say on Monday. Since he is coming off of his season and the training differences between basketball and track are very conspicuous, you need to get him right into working on speed, but not too much. If he was sitting then I would say hold out on it, but since he has been active, I think 1x a week would be alright.

Next, I would do some Int. Tempo 1x a week. The distances probably shouldn’t go over 300m since he is a short sprinter. This will help his body deal with lactic and get him more mentally and physically prepared to run. I think Int. Tempo is a great building block for speed endurance and pure speed work (both maxV and short speed/acc. dev.) to come.

The third day I would do something hard, like maybe hills if you have some, to give that third CNS day. Again, he is coming off of an activity so he shouldn’t be dreadfully out of shape so 3 CNS days coming back shouldn’t be asking too much. Or, and I would PM chris30 on this for more details, you can do “Triples” circuits for GS outside the weightroom and for the extra CNS excitation in a whole other way.

In between each of those days I would do Ext. Tempo. He is a short sprinter so throughout the season I would not let his volume get over 1800-2000m. Distances should never exceed 400m because it is unnecessary. These workouts can help you address any technical issues such as posture or knee lift or anything else that maybe needs work. It also gives more aerobic endurance work to help him later on down the road.

So, here is what a week would look like as I have described…

Monday - Acc. Dev. (volume under 250m and that’s pushing it, though he might need more being a short sprinter).
Tuesday/Thursday - Ext. Tempo
Wednesday - Int. Tempo
Friday - Another CNS stressing workout
Saturday/Sunday - Off or some sort of active recovery like shooting hoops.

After your accumulation phase, if you want him to go on Saturday you might do some bleachers and/or hurdle mobility type of work. I prefer another Ext. Tempo day, but as I have continued on in my education of training I realized that the 3rd tempo day is unnecessary for the most part and GS might be more necessary, but it is all about personal preference.

I think that would be a good setup for him to start off with. He hits all cylinders and gets in shape and by the time the next phase comes he should be ready to roll. Weights and plyos should only be done on CNS days and you can throw those in as you please.

You should change things as needbe in case he is in worse shape than you thought or whatever. Don’t worry about the first 1-2 meets, just use those as conditioning. Train through them so he is better prepared for what is to come later on.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

400Stud- Thanks a lot!!, great information there that i will def use.

Treble- Yup your right, I was looking at the schedule from last year, and more than likely our first meet will be on March 27th, and our state meet I believe is on June 4th&5th. And those cycles i think will be accurate. Looking forward to seeing your training outline to.

Glad to be of assistance. :smiley:

I should definitely be a coach when I grow up. :wink:

Talked to my runner today, with the letters he’s getting from college, who knows he actually might run winter track. Hope so!

Tell him to ditch B-Ball and get his ass running :smiley:

SPEED knows the deal…
hahah,we just had a party at my house at college so i been bizzy with things. i will post toamrorow when i have time… this threads going wellll guys… thanx 40stud and treble and others for helping my friend out.

I apologize for not being able to help. I’m a rookie still as a sophmore, and though my times(10.7 and 22.2) are ok, I don’t race them good enough. It’s very good to see sprinters helping each other out.

Welcome to :wink:

Quik - Not a problem. You know I’m always willing to help out somebody :cool: