Traning Regimen Needed!!

I am new to this board, and was told by a friend of mine to join. I am a High School Coach (A young Coach by the way) and I’m still learning stuff everyday. The thing is I have a runner who has run 11.0 (11.27 FAT and 11.28) and 22.6 (22.84 twice FAT) He is gonna be a senior this up comming year and obviously the goal is to go break 11 seconds in the 100, but he is not doing winter track (Never has either) and is gonna play basketball. I know sprinters go through lots of phazes during the course of the season, and the thing is when he comes out for Spring he will have roughly only 3 weeks to train for our first meet, which has made me to start to consider training him through the first couple of meets. At the start of last spring season, the first couple of weeks, I focused on strength work ( Repeat 200’s in 27-28, 200 in 28-29, walk a 100 and then 100 all out, some 20 meter start work and lots of polymetrics) As we moved further into the season we started to concentrate on more raw speed work (150’s, flying 30’s, 60’s) Obviously he became a lot faster (11.6 and 23.5 to open the season on March 2nd, to 11.0 and 22.6 in Late May) But I would like to know better ways to train him at the beggining, middle and end of the season. I’ve searched the boards before I made this post, and looked at old posts, but wanted to make this post for some insight. Thoughts??

Basketball may be tiring but it’s not all that hard of a workout. What time is his practice? If he has time he should do weights or a little speed work before or after basketball it won’t hurt.

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Since hes playing basketball and only has 3 weeks of preparation for indoor im not sure what i would do. Typically General prep would be 4 weeks, Special Prep. would be 4 weeks, and precomp would be around 8 weeks.

With 3 weeks i would have to say skip general prep. since he probably will have general fitness from basketbal season. My suggestion would be to do special prep for 4-6 weeks working through the first few meets. I then would go into precomp until the important meets (championship meets) such as leauges, counties, sections, regionals where i would be in the competiton phase. After the season i would structure a short recovery block and go right back into precomp follwed by comp.

Maybee if you post a schedule we can help you further.
With only 3 weeks i find it hard to get in any real quality work. I would liek ot see what other members thoguhts are on the planning of this type of situation.

yeah true, they usually have practice later, like 6:30, weird schedule they follow. He is lifting weights as of now, has to cause he has a very slim build. I’m still trying to drag him out for winter track, but it looks very bleek.

still i wouldnt have him doing anything before bball practice. He will be likely to overtrain that way. plus im sure the basketball coach wouldnt be happy with you.

I am curious to see what other memeber would do in this situation.

First off I posted something wrong in my original post. Our first meet was on March 29th not March 2nd.

QuickAzhell- Here is last years schedule.

March 29th- First meet, relay meet mostly ran 100 yards and 4x200.
April 2nd- Dual Meet
April 12th- Relay meet
April 15th-Dual Meet
April 17th and 19th- 2-day Early season big meet.
April 25, 26th-Penn Relays
May 3rd- Another relay meet, only open event is 100
May 6th- League Champs
may 9,10- Loucks Games, Big Meet
may 17th County Meet
May 24th- Class Meet
May30-31- State Quals Meet
June 6th, 7th- State Champs

Alright, because Quik asked for it :smiley:

My opinion…

Since you only have 3 weeks to train b/t B-Ball and Track, I would go with a 3-week accumulation phase. Get him in track shape. He already has a general fitness base because of B-Ball, so just have him run hills 1x a week, maybe some Int. Tempo to help him feel the burn and to really get him in shape and then acc. dev. 1x a week with ext. tempo b/t all CNS workouts.

Then, I would do a 4-6 week SPP phase where you start developing speed qualities. Start doing some more acc. dev. into maxV and even start throwing in some speed endurance 1x a week (which could be the meets). Drop Int. Tempo, work on developing speed qualities with a slight emphasis on speed endurance.

Next, I would do a 6-8 week Pre-Comp. like phase where you are getting him ready for his peak meets. Speed Endurance is the main quality being stressed here because speed qualities should already be somewhat in place and thus, you can work on MaxV and speed endurance almost simultaneously. Again, don’t forget the occasional SE session as well.

Finally, do a peak phase where you are stictly getting him ready for the championship season. This is almost like a maintenance phase where you need to hold onto everything already developed in him. You should know how to set this up.

It sucks that he is bent on playing basketball instead of concentrating on track, but you gotta let kids be kids. Based on his improvements you have stated, you have got to be doing something right…23.5 to 22.6. That’s a nice drop.

If he came out for winter, this would be so much easier, but he’s not so you have to work with what you got. He has to put a year’s worth of training into 20 something weeks and still make improvements.

That’s my thoughts. Anyone else agree/disagree?

Dang it. You posted that schedule while I was making my post.

Adjust phase lengths as needed.

when his last day of basketball?
After you find that out post exactly what 400stud said but with all the dates in place (ex.SPP April x-May x.) and then we’ll take a look and make adjustments from there.

Track and basketball have completely different requirements. Last year I made the mistake of assuming my basketball practice would be enough. It may just be that different coaching methods mean for a harder physically practice and less technical work, but more often the not guys only spend about 30% of their practice running back and forth on the courts. So that’s maybe a maximum of 45 mins of running. That is still an assumption if you’ve got a larger team of 16+ guys practicing you spend even more time sitten’ down then runnin.

Just my experiences.
talk with the bball coach about how much their working and see if a SMALL and I emphesize that if a small bit of running just to get back in the grove near the end of his season is possible.

ok last year his last day of b-ball was about a a week and a half or 2 weeks before our first day of practice which was March 3rd. So Feb. 22 or feb 25th, somewhere in that category. His actual first race was 100 yards, and it was 10.6 (Officials had 10.3, but it was 10.6) and a 23.6 split on the 4x200. Until May 6th (11.2) his last 100 was on April 15th(11.5) So he had about a month before he ran the 100 again ( Because of meets being cancelled cause of weather) And we were doing more speed work. He’s about 6’1, very slim, so I am making sure he lifts.

Peak Phaze would be from league to State Meet which was last year Leauge meet was May 6th to the state meet which was June 6th and 7th.

Pre Comp and SSP phaze Im tryin to work out, I’ll post again when I have found something.

Glad you brought this up phenom. I’m in pretty much the same boat with a few girls on the squad this year. And as a matter of fact i just finished the schedule for both the boys and girls. Maybe I can help, or we can help each other.
Here’s the plan. I don’t pay much attention to any meets other than the main ones. The State Meet, and the state qualifying meet, which is Sectionals. So a lot of those meets, I just schedule through. Like I won’t worry about tapering or anything for the less important meet.
And also this is as good a time as any to make a schedule going backwards from the last meet to where you plan on starting. Make things a lot easier. I’ll make another post so I don’t filll this one up.

scroll down :slight_smile:

Gotta a girl thats gonna be coming off of Basketball in March. (200/400:Long & Triple Jump)

4 weeks total(sure as hell doesn’t look like it)
March 27 - Invite(Sat.)
March 30 - Triangular(Tues.)
April 1 - Triangular(Thur.)
April 3 - Invite(Sat.)
April 5 - Dual Meet(Mon.)
April 12 - Invite(Mon.)
April 14 - Triangular(Wed.)
April 17 - Invite(Sat.)
April 21 - Invite(Wed.)
April 24 - Invite(Sat.)

4 weeks total
April 28 - Triangular(Wed.)
April 30 - Invite(Fri.)
May 8 - Conference Meet(TBA)
May 15 - Sectionals(Sat.)
May 21 - State Meet(Fri.)
May 22 - State Meet(Sat.)

I didn’t make the schedule, so don’t ask! :rolleyes: It might change anyway. But anyway, that’s two cycles.

Since she’ll be coming off the basketball season, the 1st 4 weeks i’ll use as Pre Comp. The 2nd 4 will be Competition obviously. As you can see there a $h!+ load of meets in the 1st 4 weeks. And obviously I don’t plan on having everyone run in every single one. To make it worse, she’s a jumper(State Champ/Triple Jump), I have to add all that in as well. but realistically the only things that wouldn’t be in the workout schedule if she was just a sprinter would be the jump specific stuff, like approaches, and stuff like that. I’ll post an outline of the workout schedule tomorrow morning. I gotta get some sleep so I can have enough energy to turn my alarm clock off tomorrow morning.

Treble- Very interesting, Im thinking of doing that (First 4 weeks Pre-comp, 2nd four Comp) I like the concept. Thanks, Interested to see the outline of workouts. Our season goes slightly longer into the first week of June, and our schedule at the beggining of the season is like yours, with lot’s of dual meets, and maybe one big invitational.

Then add in that accumulation phase I mentioned at the beginning to train through the first couple of meets and then do 4 week PreComp. and 4 week Competition.

You can’t take someone right from basketball and just throw them into intense sprint training without some sort of build up. You are asking for disaster. He is going to be in shape, per se, but he will not have the fitness required to make gains for his sprints.

400Stud- Yeah I will add that with the pre-comp and peak phaze.

400stud, I didn’t plan on having her jump right into doing track stuff. There would be a brief Acc phase when she started. I was alos gonna give her about a week, maye be 2 depending on how she felt, and when the season actually ends. And like I said before, she’s a jumper, so she might do some different stuff. I’m not at home now, so i’ll post the outline a little later. Everyone here seems to stay awake at all hours anyway, so you should be up. lol

I officially realized the importance of sleep because of the thread so I am going to get some :smiley:

Nah, if I’m up I’ll reply.

But, I didn’t say that you didn’t give her an acc. phase, but you didn’t mention it. Seeing as how she is a jumper her needs are different than a pure sprinter so different phases will be setup differently.

Ok, here we go, it’s kinda late, so I might miss something here and there. I’ll redo it tomorrow when i’m more awake. Couple things to note, she’s only 16, I think. Might still be 15. About 5’10", maybe 125-130lbs. 200/400 & Long/Triple Jump. Her basketball season ends no earlier than 2 weeks before the 1st meet. But here’s a rough draft of the 1st 4 weeks.(subject to change)

Week 1:
Mon: Lj run throughs/Ext. Tempo
Tues: Lj run throughs/Int. Tempo
Wed: Lj run throughs/Bleacher/Ext. Tempo
Thur: Lj run throughs/Plyo’s/Int. Tempo
Fri: Lj run throughs/Ext. Tempo
Sat. Rest
Sun. Rest

Week 2:
Mon: Lj run throughs/Plyo’s/Ext Tempo
Tues: Lj run throughs/Spec. End II/Weights
Wed: Tj run throughs/Ext. Tempo
Thurs: Lj run throughs/Plyo’s/Split Runs
Fri: Tj run throughs/Bleachers/Ext Tempo
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

Week 3:
Mon: Lj run throughs/(speed)Acceleration/Weights
Tues: Lj run throughs/Jump Specific/Ext. Tempo
Wed: Tj run throughs/Split runs
Thur: Lj run throughs/Ext. Tempo
Fri: Tj run throughs/Plyo’s/Special Endurance II/Weight

Week 4:Unload(hehe, I said “load”)
Mon: Ext. Tempo
Tues: Plyo’s/Tj run throughs/(speed)Acceleration
Wed: Ext Tempo
Thur: Lj run throughs/(speed)Acceleration
Fri: Ext. Tempo

400stud, I changed my mind about acc. phase in the weight room, I figure, that she’ll be lifting during the basketball, season, and there’s gonna be plenty of tissue strengthening goin on during that time. So to you I say piss on your acc phase. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll post the next 4 weeks tomorrow. Also I didn’t include all the jump specific stuff that she would be doing on these days either. Speedphenoms guy is just a runner, so I didn’t think it would matter. And that information is G14 Classified anyway. :wink:


why are you doing run throughs everyday? i think it is like doing the same warmup drills everyday, the athlete’s get bored and you can’t maintain the same intensity so it might be counterproductive. also, as a jumper i don’t feel that she needs tempo. you can do GS work instead but she does not really need that much aerobic capacity work. there is also no need for special endurance work. acceleration work is important. you must look at the demands of the event. i would work on acceleration, strength, power and always flexibility and not worry about the aerobic and lactatacid work too much.