training with time constraints

how would you recommend a general weekly plan for someone who only has 2 hours a day for training.

would you think the options are:
1.cutting down the volume so he can do, speed than weight.

  1. leave out weights from his program

3.leave out tempo, so for example he could do speed monday, do weights and some sort of circuit tuesday and rest wednesday, and rotate that.

or would doing speed with out weights, than tempo the next day be better???

Is that from when you arrive at the venue to start or from where you go right I’m off training now till finsihed and back at home / work?

If he is accustomed to doing weights, I wouldn’t drop them.

Maybe consider something like.
day2- weights
day3- tempo / general strength exercises
day5- weights
day6- tempo / general strength exercises
day7- rest

Speed work: Longest session at highest level:
WU = 1hr, 4 x 30m block starts, approx 20min
80, 100, 120, 150 with recoveries about 85min
so total = 2hrs 40 or so, but this is not done very often and, for college athletes, it would be extremely unlikely that they could ever perform at such a level to justify these recoveries.
Special End should not be a problem: WU 1hr

  • 2 x 250 with 40 min rest = 1hr 40 and goodby.

2 hours from when he gets to the track.

charlie, doing a speed session would fit in fine, but the thing i dont know is how to recommend fitting in weights and tempo.

as the speed will take 1.5-2.5hours, he can get away with that, but that leaves no time for weight after the speed session???

so would cutting out weight be an options,

or would that rotation of, speed, weights, tempo on seperate does work.

im leaning more towards cutting up weights, but not sure how that would affect his performance???

If it’s an absolute must, you can split up the weights as shown on the GPP dvd and as well, as a beginner, it’s likely you won’t need as much recovery between sprints, saving some time there The guide is to be surethat the running times stay relatively constant during the session

What would you do with a collegiate athlete that went home for break w/ minimal indoor track access? I was looking over the Vancouver S->L graphs and the only way I could imagine implementing it would require training during the “winter break” most collegiates have. How did you deal with this in the past and what are some ways you could work around this? Thanks for any help!

Charlie? Anybody?

You have a couple of options:

(1) You can start SPP a couple of weeks earlier, so the 3-1-3 cycle is completed just before winter break. The break, then, is reslly the taper, where athletes could do (at least) tempo, plyos, and maintenance weights. In the US, this requires a long peak, as the NCAA indoors are in March. But this, I would think, would be the preferred option, because you have to get enough races in.

(2) You can schedule the SPP such that the recovery “1” becomes a “2” during break. You, then, would have 3 weeks more of SPP after the break, which might mean that you don’t race–at all–until February.

i think i decided to do things like what you said mortac8.

day1-speed building up to 120m, exp med ball
day2- weights, CAD assending
day3, tempo-meb ball acc, 2000mtempo, meb ball core
day4-speed- 200’s, exp med ball
day5-weights CAD desending

do people think that this would be ok, and that i still have all components fitted in the week properly, and that i havnt left anything out??

This was the source of my idea. I have done it in the past with success when I don’t have alot of time to train.

great, thanks for that.

what do you guys think should be done in the 2 speed session and 2 weight session.

would doing somthing like this work?

speed session 1-
acc work, eg 30m

then a series of sprints building from 60m-120m

speed session 2
acc work 30m
then special end, eg 2X200m

the weights i was thinking of trying the canadian ascending/descedoing program (CAD) as this would include some plyo’s, max strength.

any thoughts???

do you think i should get him to do plyo’s on weights day’s or speed days??

speed i would imagine. ie
1-speed - plyro
3-med ball - tempo

this is a great question Mike as im sure this effects quite a large number younger athletes who have to juggle part time work/ study / training and having a life.

I have many in the same position and finding the right mix has been a challenge, some of mine lose 2 complete days due to the above reasons.

we also do our plyo’s on the speed days

ok ill try after speed,
i had been doing them after leg press in the weights room.

so i will try

speed,exp med ball, plyo
weights-med ball core
tempo-med ball acc, abs

mike, are you still living in Aust, melb? i read somewhere you were planning on moving overseas? maybe that was just a holiday?

Charlie in this and many other threads you have mentioned for college or junior developing athletes, it would be extremely unlikely that they could ever perform reps at such a level to justify these (full) recoveries.

with that in mind who long is long enough?

below is 3 varying athletes, ages and times all doing the same session. what would the likely recovery be for each different athlete.

Session = 3 x 30m then 80 / 100 / 120

Athlete 1, 15 yr old female pb 12.54

Athlete 2, 17 yr old male pb 11.00

Athlete 3, mid 20’s male around 10.30-10.40.

im back in melb now, i went overseas for some comps.

how did you go?
what sort of times were you able to produce?
did they meet up with your expectations?