THIS is relaxation.

A link to page 13 of Trackandfieldphoto’s coverage of the Pre Classic. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.

That is cool! But did he win?

If you watch the Olympic 88 final you can see the difference between Ben and the other athletes around him. Ben is almost expressionless throughout the race and the rest are rocking and rolling and grimacing and…

As you probably know, Gatlin won that race. I just hope Powell doesn’t become to arrogant.

I have a feeling that he held back slightly in that race, coming back from an injury. This could explain his apparent indifference.

He looks great - you can’t win everything. More consistant training and a good taper schedule and he will be flying for sure.

Look at Crawfords ankle in the first picture.

:eek: wow

That was definitely relaxation. MAn that was great, comparing him to Gatlin, next time i run i’ll alwys remember that.

What’s happening here? :confused:

looks like powell glanced at gatlin, did anyone catch that?

TMSSF, is it possible for you to post a video of the whole race? The world demands it!

You can mail it to me, and I can put it on my site.

going by the clip and photos powell is in control.he looks so so easy.the comparison is massive but can he deliever when he needs to???

Had powell actually finished the race rather shut it off to look cool…he would have won.

I noticed crawford’s right lower leg was coming out to the side towards the end of the race. Is this bad because I have a tendency to do this with my right leg?

Well, as someone who has no track experience at all, it seems to me Powell (blue suit, right?) isn’t even trying at the end. Like he didn’t want to win or something. Seems to me had he run through he would have won easy.

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Yes. It is GIF. However, I can’t give you an explanation to why you can’t download it. I have similar files on other boards that can be copied off using similar processes.

Perhaps, Rupert might know?

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what can be ‘ripped off?’ stuff uploaded? you can still copy/paste…

simple java script. disable it in your browser and you can right click away.
Why did powel slow down. It looks like he did it on purpose. IS he playing mind games?

I think he’s playing mind games…Gatlin’s my boy…so I gotta stick by him!! In all the shots Gatlin is fighting for the win…Asafa looks like he’s doing tempo!! Its all about staying relaxed…I feel sorry for Tim…I think he’s a awesome athlete having trouble finding form and with a lot on his mind. I hope he can come back to the shape he was in at Edmonton.