THIS is relaxation.

Kind of silly to shut down a few steps from the line!

powell look superb guys.mind games for sure!!

when gatlin looks back at the replays in his home he’ll get the picture.he’ll realise that powell is serious and is playing about while he(gatlin) is running eye balls out

really is exception running.the comparison is massive

He let Gatlin win its easy to see that. AP looked to easy in that race. The last time I saw some one look like that was right be for Mo broke the world record. I have a feeling if AP stays healthy there will be no stoping him at WC. Maybe even a WR.

Here is another good example of relaxation.

Every time I review the head-on repeat I’m impressed on the perceived ease-of-movement from Powell. Expressionless relaxation.

It does remind me of Ben and Tommie Smith. The latter likely more important.

LOL man,
we´ll never see again a body like this…
look that :eek:
Impressive, amazing !!