thigh pull

I got a thigh pull, on the upper/innerside of the thigh, when was I playing soccer today. When I came home I iced it for 20 minutes, and will keep on icing it every half hour the first 3 hours. When I dont ice I use a compression band around my thigh and keep my foot high… And I’m going to take some strong pills that takes away inflammation.
What should I do tomorrow? Is it too early to jog/bike? I have a game tomorrow :mad: I dont reach that I think. It wasnt that bad when I first got it, played for a while after I got it, when it got cold it was hurting more… when I walk and stuff.

Well done being patient!

you do alot of exercises for being a soccerguy:P

Today it is 4 days since I got the thigh pull.
Day 1 I iced a lot and used compression. rested.
Day 2 I iced 2 times and used compresson around the thigh and rested.
Day 3 I jogged and did back and ab work, medicine ball squat throws up in the air 6 reps x 2. Lifting: Squat maintaining session 3 x 2. Reverse leg press 6 reps x 3. Bench press 3 x 2and behind neck press 3 x 2.
Day 4 I biked for 10 minutes as warmup, light stretching and did ab and back work. Iced afterwards.
Evening: Hot bath 25 min, nice and easy massage while relaxing in the tub. Iced 20 min afterwards.

Day 5. Today I tried to challenge my self and feel how my thigh reacted.
Good warmup. no pain.
Light stretching. no pain.
3 x 30 meter easy strides. no pain.
Dribbling football. no pain.
Easy shooting. no pain.

Now I went for the hard, critical part.
Harder shooting. no pain.
4 x 20 m (nervous) sprints 90 %. NO PAIN, just a bit stiff.
I’m so happy that everything went good today, I could have messed up my thigh again but that didn’t happen. Going for team practice tomorrow.
Seems that I have done everything right the last days! Thanks for the help people.

Take it easy going back in!

Yes… how easy? :slight_smile:
Should I go for the team pracc tomorrow (includes short bursts, agility moves, shooting etc), from looking on my recent days diary?
I should probably act safe here, but this practice is important and I want to participate… :mrt:

Not fobbing you off - but see what it is like tomorrow.
It might be too early to play tomorrow - be smart.
I’m not a great fan of anti-inflamatories - but they might help.
Check the hamstring recovery post for guidelines.

Oh yeh - cut the icing back to 20mins max

Why dont you like anti-inflamm. ?
Shouldn’t I take it ?


Do you have access to a quality therapist?

Personally - I would wait and see the extent of the damage to the muscle before taking them.
Anti-Inflams are not specific - they are general - some can be rough on the stomach also.

By the way - What do think caused the pull?

Yes I have… but it’s OK to do it for myself now the first 2 days to see how serious it is. Ice, compression, rest, elevation will do it the first 24 hours. Then I have to see

Anyone heard of Brexidol? Is it good to take immediately after injury?

I dont know really… It didnt happen when I kicked the ball… maybe when I was reaching for a ball or running.

Have you started lifting for maintaince recently?

Yes, one maint. session on monday.

Anyone heard of Brexidol? Is it good to take immediately after injury?

I’m almost certain I used brexidol a long time ago - like many naisds I found it very hard on my stomach.
Thats all I know about it.

I don’t care about my stomach, I’ve taken it many many times before, all that counts is the recovery of the muscle :baddevil::

I saw in a thread that using anti inflamms straight after injury can cause more blood flow into the mucle, causing more inflammation.
hmmm ? :mrt:
I haven’t decided if I’m going to take them yet…

Aspirin taken in the first few hours after injury can cause increased bleeding into the area since it also acts to lessen the clotting of blood. I don’t think other anti-inflamms cause this though.


Have you considered the use of Traumeel? It comes with strong praise from some of the senior members of the forum. Check out:

The controversial NSAID DMOS (not to be confused with DOMS!) may be effective in this case. I have no expereince with this product. though. Forum members, thoughts?

btw, if you have access to a knowledgeable therapist that should be your first port of call, IMO. The application of RICE is important, though, anyway.

Quote Charlie Francis: "Traumeel comes in all forms, though it is approved for injection in Europe only. The injectable is usually administered with the aid of an ultra-sound picture to insure exact placement. It seems to dissolve the clotting out of the injury site and accelerate the local cell metabolism to greatly speed healing. "

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the quote, but,
I’m located in Norway, Europe. So I can’t get anything else but injection, maybe I should ask my therapist about this when/if I see him. Depends on how serious it actually is.