Thibadeau's Book

Just trying to find out when the new book will be out. I remember reading that it would be ready in two weeks, which was at least three weeks ago. Just anxious to check it out.

The book is completed; Rupert seems to want to sell it on Charlie’s site but I have not heard from him yet.

Hope it comes online soon. Very interested it downloading a copy.

I’m interested too. Will there be a hard version as well? I downloaded Charlie’s book and it is barely legible.

I’m waiting too
There will be a hard copy too.

Christian, could you tell us basically what is covered in your book?
Do you have any chapters on nutrition and supplementation for athletes?
What about restoration/recovery methods?

Have a read of this.



I am gonna have to bump that. Any idea on when the book will be available?

There was a slight problem with both books, both were too big. I reformated them and just send them back to Rupert.

I hope that doesn’t mean your leaving stuff out?

No don’t worry. I simply reduced the qualty of the pics. They are still very presentable though, but all the good stuff will still be there!

Hopefully Rupert will get the book up soon. I think everyone is eagerly waiting

Hope to see it soon. If anything near the quality of your many articles, it will be well worth the wait.

Don’t worry Coach !!

Search See my post in the ‘Book Review’ Thread

I feel that it’s better than my articles. When you write articles you are kinda limited to a certain type of material and depth of explanations.

One last attempt at getting this book before xmas.


The Black Book of Training Secrets is now available at the store!

So I assume that the second one will also be availabel soon. The Black Book of Training Secrets is my first book and it has received fantastic reviews! Both books deal with different subjects, there is absolutely no overlap between both BTW.

Sorry gents,

Wasn’t sure with the commentary whether Charlie was selling this as an e-book or physical book.

Best Wishes
Ian Frazer