the day BEFORE speed work...

what are you guys doing the day before a speed-work-day?

I am thinking about weights, but i can also do them on the speed day after workout…

so what do you think is the best training on that day?

Maybe anybody can say, what CFTS says about this…


Depends on your training schedule… Usually speed day is in sync with weights, followed by tempo… read up, research, etc…


point is, between two high intencity days you have a low intencity day.

i guess wheigts can be squized in only if they are bellow the 75% intencity mark.

to keep thing easy and if you have the time then cfts is the way to go----speed+weights,tempo and so on but if time is the problem then speed day 1 weights day2 then tempo day 3

but you wouldnt do weights Day 1 and speed day2?
i am talking about 3x8 in weight training…

Well priority should be speed first; if you do weights day before speed you may be more fatigued and not as fresh. You always want to be fresh and ready to go for your speed work.

that sound logically…
was thinking about the same, so I posted my question…

But: If i am doing weights after Speed(on same day or next and then 80% tempos) -

what would you do the day before?
So i am thinking about rest, light tempos or maybe plyos(even though i would prefer them after a isolated weight session)

get the CFTS

Following this old methodology principle the day before weights I think should be rest:-

“Work on speed or technique before working on strength, work on strength before working on endurance”


speed, tempo , speed, tempo , speed , tempo

use weights on speed day after speed.

tempo can include body weight exercises, like, sit ups, push ups ect. between tempo repeats.

or, if you have limitied time, and not really planing on being super competitive, then

speed, tempo, weights, tempo, rest , repeat.

would do to get fit and have some speed.

I´m novice in speed training (having a PB of 7.42 in 60 mt.) and the fact is that I´ve realized that I need an extra day of recovery after the secuence of 1st day speed+plyos+weights and 2nd day tempo.I guess if this fact is okay,however in actual if I don´t take that recovery day then I get fried my CNS.

That´s why I have problems to performe 3 tempo days in a week.

By other side I would like to learn how long must be the relax periods between reps and series in a speed day for a begginner like myself,cause it takes me near of 3 hours (sometimes more) to finish the training session in speed days.

Lot of thanks in advance :slight_smile:

i also think 3 days tempos and speed is too much for me, especially if you arent unemployed…

Maybe you shouldnt do plyos on the 1st day and do them on another - so you wont train 3h…

i think thats very good…

but: if you are splitting: why not speed day 1 - weights day 2 and then tempo day 3 - rest ?

you could, but i think generally you cns will be hampering your body the next day and you wont get too much out of your weights session. Somepeople like going hard in the weights room. It too can fry your CNS. THen thats two CNS sessions one after the other.
If you want to run, TEMPO is a vital ingredient. It keeps your muscles more relaxed, it promotes faster recovery and teaches you to run relaxed.
Oh, you could also do, speed by itself, and plyro’s and gym as a session. Cut up that 3hrs training time. You should find that you wont feel as fried cutting it up this way. Plyrio’s 1st then gym.

allright, the plyos i wanna do on seperated day with weights or so.

Are you always following this plan(hope you know what i mean; its clear that you decide nearly day by day…)

not sure what you are asking?
i think you are asking if you would continue following this format of training?? if so, it all depends on your goals? Does or will your work allow more or less training? Does your recovery ability allow you to do more work or do you need less?? Are you planning on competiting at nationals or state level or attempting to one day gain national selection? Not everybody trains to gain national selection. Competiting in local state league meets is enough some people can comitt.

i think it is quite sure to follow principals(i.e. the order of speed-tempo and so on).

or do you sometimes change it?

hard day then easy day is pretty standard stuff.
even distance runners do it, speed day followed by endurance day ect.
i wouldnt change that structure.
even doing gym training full time, ie bodybuilding, they normally split it up, ie, upperbody one day, lower the next.

I’ve noticed a lot of throwers seem to do high intensity stuff of some sort almost every day. I know the best HS shot putter last year squatted heavy 5x a week (no exaggeration). He’s at ASU now and threw over 60’ with pro implements already…

is that heavy squats, or heavy for him? he may still be at 80% off his best?? akin to doing tempo but using weights…???