The Art Science of Coaching with Usain Bolt







Great find Sev…!!

Nice. An excellent interview.

Well, I am not sure whether it was an excellent interview or not…

It seems to me that a more intelligent guy (John?) was quietly sitting through out the interview while the other one kept on asking quite stupid questions…and kept on interrupting.

Mills had the “cockiest” attitude I’ve seen so far in any of his interviews, even though he took it lightly and in a casual fashion. I wish they were more technical on their Q & A than “philosophical” and rhetorical.

ya not much technical discussion done at all

Well when’s the last time you heard a world record holder and coach interviewed together for almost an hour? Mills has a guy who ran 9.6, 19.3 into a headwind, and has been coaching for 40+ years so…

What was the purpose of this interview? [check the title]

If you manage to get consents of the two [currently] most prominent guys in T&F for an hour long interview, you do not waste it.

It did raise a few questions with me, but I will keep them to myself.