That damn SE2 topic again!

Ok, 2 reps, full recovery, once you have finished building speed to 30m as I understand it.

The question is, how does this progress? Like 2x300m first for 4 weeks then this will move on to?

I probably wouldn’t start at 300m reps first up. Depending on your speed and condition (see tempo work) you would probably start at lower distance, say 120 to 200m maybe.

Keep reps at 2 with full recovery.

Just a thought

DMA, SE2 would be from 300m and up. If the conditioning is not present to complete the 300 run as would like, you can split it.

Is there a difference b/w speed endurance 2 runs and special endurance runs?

The One I knew that.

I read the question as being if the speed is in place for 30m, do you straight into 300m special endurance runs.

I would still say no. But the idea of splitting them is valid and worth looking at.

Yeah split them like 150 + 150 (or even 100+100+100) I guess as Charlie has said? Is that right Charlie?

How do you do rests on something like that? Like 30sec. b/t reps and full recovery b/t sets?

My understanding from the past, 60-90s within the set and full rec. between reps

Cool, thanks.

SE2, as previously stated by Charlie, may be better defined in terms of time of execution due to varying performance levels.

Special End 1 ----> 15 to 45 sec
Special End 2 ----> 45sec and up

I presume that SE2 can be introduced simultaneous to SE1 (middle of phase 1 , after sufficient acc development in place). Charlie?

As SE2 is 45 sec up, I would hope this wouldn’t start at 300m.


when do you start SE2?

SE1, as stated, once 30m acc in place. But what SE2…? On what basis is it prescribed/ is it something that all 400m athletes should do? There hasn’t been much discussion on SE2 and am very curious!


You can start SE2 earlier than SE1 as you don’t need as much speed (for example, if you could accel for 20m and maintain, with no drop in speed to the end, you could break the world record for the 600m)


Would you start SE2 during GPP or SPP? I am assuming it would be SPP prep in terms of getting prepared for the demands of the specific distance required.

I know Charlie advocates starting SE2 in SPP and not doing it in GPP (I have studied the archives where possible at great length).

I am also interested in that do you try and start it at 95% and it moves to 100% as time goes by? Obviously this would be the “progression” that Charlie has talked about in the past?

So, 95% for 45s moves on to 100% for 45s after a while?

SE2 for a 400m runner is absolutely vital. for most runners who have decent shape and decent speed, we can go out and run a decent 300m maybe as much as 320m without really focusing in on the longer speed endurance. this is why you have such sprinters as Carl Lewis and Ben Johnson running in the low 30s but you have runners like Michael Johnson running similar times at the same distances however when it gets to the focus point of the 400m Michael Johnson can run a 43 or 44 when a Carl or Ben cant. So SE2 is important for everyone and it is important no matter what event you run but when the race changes the focus changes. For example:
400m SE2 day
3x250 90 - 95% 7-10 minute rest
200m SE2 day
3x150 90 - 95% 6-8 minute rest
100m SE2 day
3x120 90 - 95% 6-8 minute rest

How do you define SE2? I find your post a little confusing…

SE2 -

Reps of 300-600m for a volume of up to 1000m (I prefer to only go to 900m) and full rest periods.

That’s how I define it. What shabach defined is more SE1 because the reps are shorter.

I prefer to go by time as well. I do that for all distances, speed all the way up to SE II. Question for everyone.

If the order goes…

  1. Acceleration (0-30m)
  2. Max Speed (up to 60, or 6sec in my case)
  3. Speed Endurance (80 - 150m or 6-15sec)

And for Special Endurance

  1. Special Endurance II
  2. Special Endurance I

If SE II can or should be introduced after speed to 20-30 is sufficient, than that would mean, like someone said to introduce it during SPP. Which would be around the time of Max Speed Development. So then, would SE I have to wait til after Speed endurance is in place or would SE I be 1st, then Speed Endurance? Or both at once. And which would be the best for a 200/400 runner.

I’m a little confused as well, but here’s what I think. Please correct me if I’m wrong…

GPP - Acc. Dev. and general strength/endurance qualities developed
SPP - SEII and short speed work (40-60m reps)
Pre-Comp. - SEI and MaxV
Competition - Speed Endurance/SEI and MaxV/Short Speed

Do I have the main idea? What would micros look like during each phase? Thanks.