That damn SE2 topic again!

That sequence looks great. As for SE I or SE II, the determining factor is what time of year it is, what kind of sprinter you are training, what are the major races, and and what energy system you need to work in. You don’y necessarily have to go SE I first.

I’m confused about Shabachsport’s definition of SE2. 150 and 120 would be SE1.
I agree that it’s likely that SE2 beyond 300m is required for the 400m- but not always, as Marita Koch showed.

I am wondering if anyone would like to put this in better perspective for me and to answer his question(s). Thanks.

Shubachsports, I think you are referring to speed endurance using interval training. You base these numbers off your personal best time. If your basing this workout as a speed/SE type workout then your volume is too high, the rest is not enough, and the percentages are wrong. I assume then it is based as more of interval type SE workout, due to the low rest and that you are not approaching 100%.

Anyone that is just doing 100% work and thinks there going to hit a good time in the 200m/400m is fooling themselves.

So you should periodize within a meso right?

92%, 95%, 98%, 100% like that?

Hold on for a second i’ll find the old link. You should use SE/interval training. Hold on ok.

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I think its erased. Give me your 400m time. Ill show you.


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Even if you said 43.1 there would still be comments. Mostly from people who are dumb to say the least. Losers.

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I got a question…

Here is what I was thinking about for a setup (obviously for a 200/400 runner) to help periodize throughout the year…

GPP - Int. Tempo/Acc. Dev. (8 weeks)
SPP - Split Runs (4-6 weeks)/MaxV(last 8 weeks…acc. dev. until then)/SE2 the rest of the 12 week phase
Pre-Comp. - SE1/Short Speed (30-60m reps)/Occasional MaxV session
Comp./Peak - Speed Endurance/MaxV and Short Speed…this is more like a maintenance phase I guess you can say because this is maintaining everything I’ve developed and getting me ready to peak.

Can anyone help me to guide me in the right direction if I have this right/wrong?


Looks good. I would get rid of the Int temp in GPP and go for Ext tempo. I was reading the 2002 forum review and im pretty sure that Charlie totally gets rid of long runs higher than 76-94% b/c they are too slow to be specific and too intense to recover in 24 hrs. I found that using a metronome during extinsive tempo helps in pacing you from running too fast. I have a little clipon metronome that goes upto 250 beats/ minute and it really helps. Oh yea check out I have been working with the guy who created it. Let me know what you guys think.

I thought Int. Tempo is used as a “setup” tool for SE and speed endurance? What would a micro look like in GPP without Int. Tempo? One day acc. dev., one day hills, 3 days Ext. Tempo? Then what do I start out with during SPP?

Thanks for the response.

Intensive tempo could well be used as a set-up for Special Endurance but I wouldn’t go six weeks straight with it. Perhaps three weeks would be enough, thus avoiding any chance of unfavourable fibre characteristic changes.

3 weeks of my GPP with it, then go into the Split runs through the 1st 8 weeks of SPP before starting SE2?

Sounds good- 6 to 8 weeks of split-runs.

Can you start split runs in the middle of a meso during SPP? 6-8 weeks would put me in the middle of the 1st or 2nd meso of SPP.

If I was moving from Int tempo through split runs to special end
would this be an appropriate progression

  1. 3 weeks of 5 x 300m 85%
  2. 6-8 weeks of 3 sets of (200+100) 95% (+ = 60sec) 10-12min sets
  3. then to 2 x 250m 95%+ full recovery