struggle to transfer my potential to the track

I am a very plyometrically gifted athlete, I have a reactive strength index of over 3 (elite female sprinters average 1.8 i believe). Standing Long Jump 3.27. I’m also very reactive when testing on force-plates/plyo-mats. My max power output on Anaerobic cycling tests are also very high.

However, I don’t transfer half of my ability to the track… I run around 11.0 for 100m… 4.7 for 40m

My question is does anyone have suggestions on techniques i can intergrate into my training to transfer my power?

If you outline your recent months of training, there could be some answers.
SLJ and actual track performance for sprint do not correlate so much.
Are yours hand timed?BTW, not bad for 40m…

lack of speed endurance?

my 40m time is 4.8-4.9 and 100m time is 10.7 (both handtimed)

How much actual sprinting do you do? Focus on flying runs and long (<60m) accelerations.

My guess is that you simply need to spend more time sprinting.

You definetly need to post your training for us to help you.

posting a video of you might help as your technique might need a little cleaning up. also things like flexibility, which will impact technique.

I just want to ask do you have a real coach? I mean you should look inot the U of Bath, they have pretty good team over there, with a pretty dang preutable coach.

I have a long term coach who has improved my running technique alot. He thinks the key lies in quality drills the key components so I can use my power.
I’m at UWIC currently, which is on a par with Bath and Loughborough.

I am basically an injured Long/Triple Jumper. I can’t jump properly until I have a cortisone injection on my ankle. However I can sprint fine and do Plyo’s.

My speed endurance is a major weakness, espiecially when i come to race. 40m was timed through laser gates. Can’t remember the 100th figure, so I don’t have a problem with acceleration. But I feel my top speed should be higher… or certainly better maintained.

My training is basically -

2xRunning Drills

2xSpeed endurance. i.e. 2x3x150m 3/6 rec

1xSpeed i.e. 2x4x40 6 rec

2xLower Body Weights. F Squat, H Squat, Lunge, Ham-curl, RDL, Hypes, Situps, calf-raises, split jerks.
3x5 on all exept hamstring exercises- 3x10

1xHeavy plyos session with weighted jacket (aimed at T jump)
Maybe a horizontal plyos session aswell.

  • lots of static stretching after sessions.

Basicallt I should be able to exert alot more impulse at top-speed coonsidering my physiology. I’m wondering whether any of you have had a similar problem to this and things that they incorperated which helped…
For example, I have used overspeed in the past and it seemed to work great, maybe it pushed my muscles through this “barrier”. However, my coach is still sceptical and is in the camp over strengthening my stride rather than speed up the contact.

I havn’t raced much over the last couple of years, not sure how much I could improve through simply competing more.

I’m at UWIC currently, which is on a par with Bath and Loughborough.

ROFL, don’t know what planet you’re on, but UWIC is not on a par with Loughborough

One problem is that you are limiting your speed to 40m. this correlates to your good 40m time but you are not going longer. for speed you should run to 60m. i think you will see a difference in a month or two if you run 60’s. however, i would run to 50m for a couple weeks then run to 60m after that. this is what Charlie does for his short to long. also, you should probably do speed twice a week and cut down the speed endurance to once a week. once you get your speed up, then change the speed end. to special end(3x150m full speed rest 15-20min).

True! there is only one uni on a par with lboro and that is Brunel :cool:

In addition to this…there are NO 11.00 female sprinters in the UK…:rolleyes:

What makes you think that plyometric power or the application of it is the problem? Is this something that you’ve been told or is this what you think the problem is?

Start working on doing some flying runs. Start with flying 10’s then move to 20’s and 30’s with a 15-30m buildup…

Seriously though JP is right. Charlie uses the phrase “speed is specific to itself”, or something like that anyway.

Running 2x3x150m 3/6 rec will make you good at running 2x3x150m 3/6 rec. The reason repeat 40’s work to improve your 40 is because they are close to max (>95%), so long as the volume aint to high - they are specific.

This is why i like to use the (american?) term “practice”, as in “'i’m going to practice” instead of “training”. You’re realising your potential in practice. Your potential is increased by improving the required qualities, such as strength, plyometric ability, in training. The repetition allows you to practice and master the action. Over time the repetition ingrains it in you, it becomes natural, more importantly you become more efficient.

If your not realising your potential on the track you need to practice more. How realise your potential in the 100? A: run 100’s but you can only do so many before you fatigue and you sure as hell don’t wanna practice running slowly. You can handle more 80’s and even more 60’s. That’s what’s gonna enhance your top speed - the most important factor in 100m time, i think statistically. The finish is another issue though, it’s all about speed endurance (or special endurance depending on your definitions). Here you might benefit from 120-150m, you only have to use reserves accelerating once for each run, each run having a great distance of specific speed in each rep, you’d do less reps obviously but the total distance covered at the given speed’ll be about the same.

Go short to long though. You need to be able to accelerate before you can reach top speed and you need to able to run fast before you can run fast a long way ( a long way being 100m!! lol).

I was thinking the same thing. If this person is a female running 11.0 she should have been in osaka.

NO! I’m not female!!!
I only had data for female elite reactive strength index.

Who won indoor Busa this year… erm, L’boro, Brunel? No it was UWIC and many times over the last few years. UWIC had one of the best British representations at the U-23 Europeans and world student games. In addition, I believe UWIC has better facilities than L’boro and Brunel… NIAC is an indoor arena aswell as having 120 m straight+ massage, icebath facilities etc etc.

Oh i see! :o So you’re as strong as a girl then?:wink: LOL…

The best set up is the Indoor centre at Picketts Lock…but this isnt a Uni… I havent used the UWIC but I hear its the nuts. Brunel is a good track but lacks a warm up area (if the main straight is in use) no proper changing facilities,no 200m track,no icebath,sauna etc and I suppose the same could be said for L’borough also.

Haha, yea! I wonder what the male elite standards are… if female is 1.8. I’d still reckon my 3.0 is higher than the males :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea NIAC is the balls + it has £250,000 vicom system on the cieling now!

But seriously, good feedback guys. I will try competing indoors and out as much as possible…

More ideas welcome!!!

NIAC is dated. Yeah the vicon system could be good, and there good staff to operate it. I would say the coaching isnt all that there, plus the whole track needs relaying. The outdoor mondo track is a huge waste. The ice bath is just a 2 bath tubs near an ice machine. The 200 track is a little poor, those bends are ridiculous! That said, if you can deal with those bends, going to Sheffield is a breeze!

Maris just killed NIAC in one sentence! Top man!