Strength to 40 speed?

I am wondering what is the avg. 40 time for a certain strength to weight ratio. So could people just write how strong you are and how fast you can run the 40. And your weight of course. I know it isn’t the same but I just want an idea.

I’m around 5’7 145 lbs my max bench is 185 lbs, max clean is 160lbs andm y max Squat is 275 andi run a 4.38 40 yd dash handtimed

Im 5’7 154 run 4.4 hamdtime (6.63 55 electronic) 320 bench 320 squat

I’m 5’9, about 155 now and I also run 4.4ht w/ 180 bench 330 squat and 215 clean

im 5’9.5" @175lbs and i run a 4.5 hand timed 40. i bench 265, squat 315, and clean 255.

fabio. you really run a 4.38 only weighing 140lbs and only lifting that much?

DBjohn… 90% of handtimed 40yd dashes are complete and utter BS. You have kids who have been training a year and aren’t even physiologically developed yet supposedly putting up similar numbers as those at the NFL combine.

I’ve been training sicne freshman year actually. I never took any 1rpm comparison, I am guestimating on my maxes based on how much I can do 5 times. My coach took that time so I’m just saying what it was. He started the clock on first move so it might be a tenth of a second off but i did run that. The pro’s 40 tiems are FAT anyway so handtimed they’d be running 4’1-4 flats. My coach said I have a lot of natural ability that when developed will be really good. When my track season is over I plan on gettin up to around 150-155 of pure muscle so I can increase explosiveness and power.

I’m 5’9 and 148 lbs. I bench 155 lbs and squat 230 lbs. I run a 4.3 manual.

I am 6’1@138Lbs I bench 140ibs :frowning: clean unknown and squated 180lbs i havn’t lifted weights a little over a year :o (i will get serious when this track season is over) To the point my 40 is handtimed 4.5

by the way my 40 was also done on first movement. but i just dont understand how all these skinny little kids that lift as much as a 6th grader can run sub 4.5s. maybe its just the coaches giving them ALOT of slack or theyre friend whos timing them and wants to make them ook god. but i dont know. cause iv never seen ANY runner who is fast (ESPECIALLY their first 40y) who is really skinny and cant lift much weight. iv been under the impression that you NEED strength in order to run fast. but hey i guess im wrong. you can be 14 y/o weighing 140lbs and squatting 200lbs and still e able to run a 10.8 100m dash.

You think the difference between squatting 250 and 315 is the difference between a 4.6 and a 4.3? I bet a lot of people can squat more than Tim Montgomery.

no but i think theres a big difference between 200 and 300! im sure alot of people can squat more than him but i think u need to be able to squat more than 200 to run a 4.5.

thats not true : P i am a prime exampe : P

I totally agree. With all handtimes usually .2 is added on to make them accurate to F.A.T. times. Keep in mind too that some of these 40 times are started on the runner’s first movement. The average reaction time is around .15 so you could also add that to the time since ur not reacting to the smoke of the gun but the sprinters movement it depends though. The important thing here though, is what my HS coach tells us all the time “Speed Is A Translation Of Strength”. So u could have all the talent in the world but if u don’t lift you’ll never achieve your full potential. I know i’m probably stating the obvious already.

Your right :slight_smile: thats why atfer this track season i am going to take weight training seriously

DBJohn, I have a freind who is 5’9 and weights only 140 lbs and has only lifted sporadictly, like once or twice every 3 moonths beign generously and he uses really light weights and his PB’s were 10.6(prelims) 10.8(official finals) in the 100 and 22.3 in the 200. Don’t believe me? I have plenty of sites that have his results to prove it :wink:

I knew guys that ran 10.8-11.0 FAT and could only squat around 250 tops.

They had a vertical jump of over 37 inches though.

Pure strength is only part of the equation (not a huge part either)


I don’t think anyone is purporting that strength is the only factor, or even the determinaning factor. I dont think anyone is lying (what’s the point of impressing people you may never meet?) What DBjohn’s question seems to be - what allows those with a relatively low strength to weight ratio could have as fast a time in an acceleration? My guess is (and this is just a guess based on one observation that is this exception)
first- they typically don’t have great mass to overcome, thus top speed is reached quicker
second - although this top speed is significantly slower than elite sprinters, it is easier to maintain because of lack of excess mass
third- most of these small (note that the respondents here are 5-7 to 5-9) athletes posses shorter legs that can have higher stride rate (less range to move through) and the shorter levers allow more force to be applied.
Now if there is a 6 foot 6 stick figure who can do a 4.3 forty then I guess Im just wrong!

I am 6ft-1in and weigh about 205. I best lifts are squat 405x3, Clean 315x2, snatch 205x1, deadlift 505x1. My best 40 hand timed was 4.59 and 4.56 but I dont believe it, i am slower than that. The only way to get a real time is electronic. Unfortunatly i am a poor strength coach so i dont have an electronic timer, and my playing days are over so it guess it doesnt matter anyways!!!