squat vol

hey guys would this be too much squat vol to have in my gpp phase i will be during CF 7 week gpp format:

first 4 weeks:

week 1: 3x3x80
week 2: 3x2x85
week 3: 2x90 3x2x90
week 4: 95x1 100x1 105x1 110x1
week 1: 50x10 60x7 70x5 80x3x3
week 2: 50x10 60x7 70x5 80x3

week 3: 50x10 60x7 70x5 80x3 85x3x2
week 4: 50x10 60x7 70x5 80x3 90x2 95x1 100x1

second 4 weeks:

week 1: 3x3x80
week 2: 3x3x80
week 3: 100x1 105x1% 110x1
week 4: no fsq
week 1: 50x10 60x7 70x5 80x3x3
week 2:50x10 60x7 70x5 80x3 85x3x2

week 3: 50x5 60x4% 70x3 80x3x2
week 4: 50x10 60x7 70x5 80x3 90x2 95x1 100x1

So you would front squat one day and back squat another day? You should be ok.

yes i would alt so for example week 1 fsq on mon, bsq on fri, week 2 mon bsq and fsq on fri etc. below would be typical week.

power clean
clean pulls
front squat
bench press

hang cleans

power snatch
back squat
bench press

i was thinking about adding some general strength circuits on tue and thur but i decided just to stick with tempo runs.

Looks pretty good to me! Maybe an incline press in there somewhere, but I like it.

yes i am still making changes to the overall plan, i am kinda torn on weather i should add the bb circuits on tue and thur and should i do dl’s during the gpp phase then switch over to lunges later on.

I’d be careful with deadlifts. If you add them where I think you’re talking about, you’re doing:
Mon- clean pull, front squat
Wed- deadlift

both days are hard on your back. Then on Friday if you try to snatch & squat, your form could get real dangerous real quick if your back is fried. Though maybe your back recovers faster than mine. I don’t think I’d put back squat, front squat, clean pull, and deadlift all in the same week. That’s a ton of low back work.

i agree with you 100% if did dl i would drop the clean pulls and my dl vol would be very low something like 5x2. what do you think about the bb circuits on tue and thur?

I’m sure you could at least do some BB stuff on Tue&Thur possibly pullups, pulldowns, abs at low/medium intensity.

these are my circuits i would do circuit A on tue for 2x10 with very light weight and circuit B on thur 2x10 light weight.


Circuit A:
Leg curls
twist lunges
good mornings
bent rows
lat pd bh
bh sh press
leg ext
twist situps
hang leg lifts
russ twist
BS time 5-10min

Circuit B:
single leg curl
good mornings
bent row
lat pd fr
bh press
single leg ext
weight ball crunch
hang leg lift side
russ twist
weighted v up
BS time 5-10min

looks like a lot. I would probably dump the bent over rows and leg work and just do what’s left. However anything is fine as long as you can recover from it. I wouldn’t do these circuits if they start tiring you out for your power days.

ok sounds good, have another question its off topic but tell me what you think about performing tempos on a indoor track i know CF said they deadening your legs?

Well ideally tempo would be performed on grass or turf. I would agree with whatever Charlie says because I know I have a tough time handling tempo especially if it’s on the track (any track). On my tempo days I try to find nice grass (soccer field) and take it easy.

You could give it a shot (running on indoor track) but it’s probably not the best surface for recovery runs. If you try it and your legs start to feel dead, you will know why.

Ok, I’m outta here for the night. Good luck with your plan.

thanks for your help man.

i know CF said when ben got up in weight in the back squats that he stopped during max-singles, at what time or weight would be good to stop during max-singles and such, anything over 500?

any help guys, when would be a good time bc i will soon be hitting 600lb hopefully - yes this is full squat. and dont want to risk injuries.

Depends on technical proficiency. If it’s a good squat (a strength for you as an athlete), a good coach would be more likely to keep it in your programming. That being said, it’s not the end all be all to your sprint program and more squat strength doesn’t necessarily guarantee you anything (especially if it gets slower and slower as a lift). An excellent strength coach on the West Coast has said he holds most speed-strength (sprints, jumps, etc.) athletes to no more than a 1.5 to 2 times bodyweight squat and strength-speed athletes (throwers, etc.) to a little more but monitors them carefully. Obviously the speed-strength and strength-speed comparison is a generalization but I hope you understand what I’m saying.

i squatted 475 yesterday and my bar speed was awesome so that will never be a problem and i also use tendo units sometimes just to make sure the speed stays. i think even if the tech is there its still to risky to be pushing 600lb deep squat every 4 weeks.

Then it sounds like you have your answer. Cheers.

I pretty much agree. However I would like to say that I wouldn’t give up on max strength development just because you can squat 600. I would probably stick to something like a 3RM instead of 1RM for any true max attempts.

Also, utfootball, I tried to pm you regarding your questions a few days ago but your inbox was full. I will assume that you found your answer. If not, let me know.

UT-when you get that squat, post a video. I’ve never personally gotten to see a squat that heavy from anyone but some fat 300+lb guys lol.