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Quick question.

My girl has a consistent 4.40 to 4.45 30 meter block time but this weekend she ran the 60 in 8.06. What am I missing out on? Based on her 30 block she should be in the 7.60 range. Any ideas or suggestions?:help:

Welcome to the world of fully automatic timing.

You forgot to add the .5 to your training times. Damn. I said I wasn’t going to post on this topic again. :frowning:

It was fully auto…we useda wireless speed trap system.

This leads me to asking a question about my chance of sprinting.

A few years ago I ran 7.60 for a 60m and I started to die!, my running training amounted to 6 x 30m once a week plus all my throwing based training (includes weights and plyos). What is the likelihood of me sprinting faster than 12 seconds (even qucker if possible) when I finally realise that the hammer hurts.

Ego boost would be appreciated but I want to beat the smart arse sprinters who run anywhere from 10.8 to 11.4 :sing:

Viking what were the conditions like, how was she feeling/looking. Perhaps she can run faster.

I not really in a position to tell you what to do. How is the rest of the training going. Based on the time speed endurance is involved, but it could be a technical issue or mental do I need to on further.

Originally posted by Viking
It was fully auto…we useda wireless speed trap system.

OK, the meet was FAT, but you used this speed trap system in training.

How is the start measurement recorded in your speed trap system?

starts auto on the pressure release of the hands

That is a first movement timing system. You need to add at least .3-.4 to get an FAT time.

Please note, I am not trying to be a smart arse. I have seen this sort of thing before and the disappointment it can cause.

Once we start from a realistic point of expectation then we can talk about block settings, transition, speed etc.

That’s fine. As I have said many times, I am not a proud man…:sing:I simply want to get this girl to run under 12.00 and 24.80


on a totally unrelated thread, i think i remember seeing in the top 9 exercises thread that you had cuban press as one of yours…what tempo and weight do you use for this?

sorry i cant contribute to this thread…thanks in advance

not to show my ignorance, but…what is a cuban press?

sorry viking it wasnt you afterall, it was terminator2, sorry for junking up your thread, i should have check the V1.0 first.

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1.RockBottom squat,narrow stance with 5 second pause before coming up
2.hang clean and press
4.hang snatch
5.Jump Squats
6.Bench Press,with dumbells,and barbells,all variations
7.Dumbell lunges
8.Snatch grip deadlift
9.Cuban press
Ballistic push-ups with sandbags when sandbags are available iking, my bad it wasnt you it was:

I could be totally wrong about cuban presses, but here goes.

Using DB’s

Do an upright row until elbows are at shoulder level than rotate arm so hand is now above shoulders, I’m not sure if you continue to press movement.

Hope that helps.

Now normal programming can resume

OK, Viking, let’s go! :slight_smile:

What’s she been doing the last few weeks?

Have you done any 60s?
If so, what is the split 30/30 for one of her 60s?

Here’s my take
4.40 + reaction time = at least 4.60 block 30

  • fly 30 (roughly block 30 - 1sec for accel)
    = 4.60 + 3.40-3.50 = 8.00-8.10 60m my advice…go test her fly 30m
    are you working vmax at the moment ?
    if not add it in

Haha, AJ, 1 minute apart and nearly the same answer/question!.. though phrased a little differently :slight_smile:

Great minds…

I would go anything between 60 & 80m from standing, starting at 95%, look at the mechanics first then worry about the time… even something like 3 x 80/4 x 60
Volume = 240 + 240 = 480m
at 95% , let her get used to opening up before you ask for too much effort.

Ok took me a little to get back to this. Her 30 fly right now is about 3.60 (speed trap) so I feel good about being an auto time. Her best 30 fly is 3.40 last year. We haven’t done any work in this area. What types of work would you rec. to help drop her 30 fly and increase her maxV

Viking, do you have vidcaps of her? Can you post a typical week including recovery. I seem to remember that you do an incredible amount of gym work? This causes a lot of tightness and it will make it hard for your athlete to open up and she could be spasmed everywhere which will make things even worse.

Having said all that it would be great to see the program and for you to describe what the main focus of training currently is.

The vidcap would be really great too.
How is her head position?
Her shoulders?
Her arms?
Her hips?
Her pelvic position?
Is she full extending?

Does she understand the difference between acceleration and speed? Crucial!

Its hard to make a prescription without the facts!

Viking, what were the 100m SE times like.