Sprint Capital - Training Programs

anybody remember when someone posted the training programs of Sprint Capital (Trevor Graham’s). it was posted on this forum, but i cannot remember where. can someone dig up the link? thanks

I remember them doing 3x3x90m for speed endurance.

can someone dig up the link to where it was posted on this forum?

It’s old and I don’t think it’s there anymore, but there was a post by someone who I think knew someone who trained with Gatlin. It was basically Trevor’s GPP. I didn’t save it because you really can’t get into Trevor’s stuff without getting into that thing we can’t talk about here.

This is what I recall about the training, and the CF influence here is obvious:

Mon 4X10+4X20+4X30+4X60
Tue 8X200 tempo (2 min rest?)
Wed 4X10+4X20+4X30+4X60
Thu 6X300 tempo (45 sec; 3 min rest)
Fri 4X10+4X20+4X30+4X60
Sat 4X400 tempo (60 sec; 5 min rest)

There were weights on 4 days (before track, I believe). Later in the phase, there was 3X3X90 2 or 3 days a week.

Maybe somebody saved the thread or can correct whatever my memory failed with.

I believe what you are looking for is below. It was originally posted as Trevor’s GPP program.

Warm up routine

4x100m accelerations with 100m walk
3 x A-skip.
3 x B-skip,
3 x High knees


4x10m-4x20m-4x30m-4x60m-(walkback recovery)
(5minutes recovery btw sets)
4x60m- 1x600 stride down focus on maintaining technique only 2 minutes
6x30metres high knees-
2x30meters single leg bounds-
2x30m hurdles jumps-
3 boxjumps-
3x30 medicine ball trunk work


4 x 200m ( 28sec-3minutes recovery)- 8minutes rest- 4x200m (28 sec - 3minutes recovery)


4 x 400meters ( 60 sec- 5 minutes recovery)


6x300meters ( 42sec-53sec / 90sec recovery)- push ups 2 x 50, abdominals 2 x 50, calf raises
2 x 50, pull ups 4 x 4

monday, wednesday and friday running, this seems what shawn crawford recently referred to as drag racing in practice. He said his training was different with kersee(more intensive tempo strength like longer runs) and doesn’t get to get back to the form of sprint capital, until a USA nationals or major champs, was what i gathered about his progression now.

LONG TO short

Bobby Kersee’s people just recently started to do speedwork (no kidding).

But Crawford moved all the way across the country to train with Kersee and basically restart his career, and left Beijing with a silver medal to give away. So from that perspective, it worked.

Can anyone explain what the benefits are for a short (predominantly 100m) sprinter to take on this form of training? I’m familiar with CFTS and subsequent derivatives but this appears to be different.

Is there anything in Kersee’s work that would support qualities closer to that required for short sprints earlier in the training year?

See Charlie’s long-to-short. Kersee’s long period is extended compared to Charlie’s. And remember that Bobby had Flojo and Gail Devers. Also, Shawn Crawford is primarily a 200m sprinter, so he fits with Kersee’s system better than, say, Asafa Powell would.

Kersee starts with starts in early January, alternating between long (gradually shorter) tempo and short accels. The speedwork doesn’t come until much later, but the racing also doesn’t come until May at least.

I doubt that many here would want to train for 100 in that system…but Bobby coached, I believe, 6 medals in Beijing and probably has coached more medals than anybody else.

Could be the reason for FloJO impressive SE times…

Charlie has commented in the past on the SE sessions that Flojo did, which were legendary.

Hi Ikh

Did FloJo not break away from Kersee mid way through 1988 to continue training under her husband Al Joyner (though the winter was under Kersee)?

Not intending to speak for Ikh, but the work was already in place when Joyner took over. She was running 10.89 (-0.1) and 22.15 in June and split 50.x in April of that year. And of course, Indy a month later.

Thanks for that TMSSF

From what I can remember from reading an interview of hers years and years ago is that her improvement was down to, among other things, trying to 1) start like Ben Johnson and finish like Carl lewis 2) Working on relaxation 3) Hamstring flexibility- that is making sure that any strength gains were not off-set by reduced hamstring range (I must admit her posterior chain development looked awesome)!

For me point number 2 and seeing her ‘bouncing’ with such increadible range at top speed were the stand-out features for me in her 1988 performances.

The interesting thing is that the training seemed to work for her in ways that other talented Kersee athletes have not been able to replicate in terms of performance.

and can remember iaaf felix diary say something like 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps for weights in fall/early gpp with the long strength endurance tempo type runs. when this rep was cut down, dont know? (maybe forever)

Cut down fairly late in the season. Unlike John Smith, Bobby does mostly Oly lifts, with Allyson doing mostly squats, CNJ, and abdominal. The rep numbers, including up to 4X15 squats are not that different from JS, but reps like 8 in CNJ are things that people in the strength training threads would likely complain about.

Bobby does significant hypertrophy with the squats (compare Flojo’s thighs with Devers), but very little actual weight work on the upper body (at least for females), so you get a very distinct body type where the athlete looks “big” and people talk about you-know-what but it’s really the hypertrophy work as I understand it. Allyson doesn’t show the same results as she’s a “hardgainer” type.

I don’t want to go off topic, but speaking of Gatlin, geez I was looking at some old footage of him and I have never seen a sprinter run so powerful!

She needs the West Side for skinny bastards program LOLOL