SPP S-L using the vancouver series template

I hope someone can help me on this. I’m really confused how should I create my SPP training plan. I just finished an extremely successfull GPP and started the SPP today.

The problem is that I bought “inside the SPP” download on Friday but haven’t recieved the download permission yet and therefore haven’t been able to make my plan for SPP.

This week is my rest week. I’m actually training by the CF methods only that I really need to deload in my rest week aevery 4th week. I do that by doing only 2 HIGH days, one for special endurance and one for pure speed.

Today I did some special endurance:
2min between reps/7min between sets

I’m really having a lot of problems by using intensity limits. As I’m still a begginer and I can accelerate only for 30-40m at max I figured that I should adjust the intensity limit? Would that be ok (let’s say that I take the intensity limit for 10m if the should do pro sprinter the 30 + maintain)?

Is the intensity limit for me really so important?
I suppose that on SE days the intensity limit counts only for the first repetition, as the other are done with so little rest that they can’t be to taxing for the CNS? And therefore should be run on max effort?

Today in the first set I ran the identical time for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th run in the first set and the time was actually quite fast for me. Have I done something really wrong?

Would really appreciate some answers and some help with the correction of my SPP plan which I will post later. Thanks in advance!

You can shorten the intensity limit, yes. It’s just a way to control things. In SE sessions it helps with consistency, too. In these sessions the intensity limit should not be farther than the acceleration distance you’ve reached so far and the one you use in the pure speed sessions (i.e., equal or less).

Hi KK400, Nik is correct, my athletes are in the 7.00-7.5 range for 60m and we have been using acceleration limits of 15-20m and now 20-25m, increasing them gradually. Keeping your times consistant probably means you have chosen well the distance you are placing your cone. Just don’t rush in moving out towards 30m otherwise you will plateau, I’m speaking from experience, oh and 2x4x60m sounds sensible volume as well. :cool:

Thanks a lot to both of you!

Thanks a lot to both of you!

I’ve just watched “inside the SPP” video and I’ve designed my SPP1 plan based on the video and on the vancouver series seminar.

I accelerate only to somewhere from 35-40m, therefore my intensity limits are shorter.

Here are the first 3 weeks of my 12 week-long SPP1 plan.

Some questions reagarding the plan structure:

  • Is the volume ok or is it too high?
  • Are the intensity limits ok?
  • I did the first week of the plan already as my recovery week, although I made it much too intensive: Should I just continue?
  • Accumulation weights are intended for this “mesocycle”. OK?
  • should I incorporate small volumes of plyometrics (some box jumps, etc.)?

-recovery week:

MONDAY: Special endurance
Weights: Bench press: 2x8, 1x6
Made a mistake not using intensity limits

5x30m from block

(Weights: clean 3x6)
Made a mistake not using intensity limits

Mon, fri: SE
2x20m from blocks
2x4x60m (intensity 15+maintain)

(Weights: deadlift or squat 1x8,1x6,1x8, Military press or bent-over-row: 3x8, reverse hyper 3x12)

2x20m from blocks

(Weights: clean 1x8,1x6,1x8, Bench press: 3x8, reverse hyper 3x12)

Mon, Fri:
2x20m from blocks
2x3x60m (20m+maintain)

(Weights: deadlift or squat 1x8,1x6,1x8, Military press or bent-over-row: 3x8, reverse hyper 3x12)

2x20m from blocks
1x60m (25+maintain)

(Weights: clean 1x8,1x6,1x8, Bench press: 3x8, reverse hyper 3x12)

EDIT: I do the tempo workouts and core conditioning on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Hi, it looks okay, we include vertical box jumps after the speed unit before lifting. Its just 2x5 jumps onto a box and straight up onto a pole vault bed. At a weekend we do a session of power med ball with 10m run outs 1-2 x 5 of each e.g. squat throw, single 2 ftd jump + throw, followed by weights. It helps with the power and acceleration qualities.

Thanks again. I’ve just got one more question if you (or anyone else) wouldn’t mind answering:

after this first three weeks I intended to start max weights block of three weeks followed by recovery week and another max weights block. May I just stick with the vancouver graph and choose my own ratios and distances (like I did above)? Or is it made only to illustrate principles?

If you are going to use Max Strength work then make sure it fits with the running sessions you have set. Trying to do max strength and really fast runs with long recovery can be problematic as the weights are too intense to allow fast times. As always remember the speed comes first and you ‘top it up’ with the weights. You may plan max strength weights but it is the speed that will tell you what you should be doing in the weight room rather than what you have written on the sheet.

Another observation of your progression thus far is that you may be moving too quickly. Try and repeat a session (e.g. your 2x4x60m) until the athlete can handle it before moving on. With CFs sessions i always noted that he would do about 3-4 sessions (around 2 weeks) before moving up in intensity. Hope this helps.

Dan Pfaff talks about this in one of his lectures and how most coaches ignore this phase. Good point!

What do you mean ignore this phase?

I also have the SPP download. After a successful GPP,I want my SPP to flow with the same consistency, but I’m struggling to find a template that outlines ALL the components like the GPP Essentials DVD did. I’m using the Vancouver 2005 chart for S-L for my SPP so speed sessions wise I’m fine. For tempo I’m reducing the volume slightly to 1500-1800m from 2000m and I still plan on doing the explosive medball and Med ball accel 1 and 2 work. My main concern is the weights and how it fits in. Will i need to buy the weights dvd from the store to see how this fits into the SPP1? Like the details given in the GPP dvd i’d like to know what exercises,reps,sets etc. Thanks in advance.

My initial plan for weight was the following:

  • 7 weeks of “low intensity” reps in GPP, repetition range for almost all lifts was 8-12
  • 3 weeks of accumulation weights, where I would put some more stress on my body from weights, but still no emphasize on weights (that’s the phase I’m currently in. Yesterday when doing HI training I was still very sore from the Monday’s HI workout and I didn’t do any weight lifting; just sprints and some box jumps and then contrast shower). Range of repetitions is lowered do to the higher intensity. For DL, PC and BP: 3x6-8 reps, for MP, Bent-over row and reverse hypers: 3x8-12reps
  • 3 max weights + 1 recovery + 3 max weights phase. However, I’m not sure how I’ll manage to do that due to the S-L system killing me with the sprints already. I planned to do squats and upper body workouts 5x5 and complex lifts (Deadlift, Power clean) 3x3.

and again double post

Progress to the next step too quickly. I was referring to TopCat’s last paragraph. You need to ‘establish’ the body’s adaptation to a stimulus first before moving on. I hope it’s clear now.

I find you don’t need to do a lot of lifting on the back of speed work for it to prove effective. My group are just doing 2 main lifts e.g. Cleans and Bench, per session depending on what week, it might 4,3,3 (this week) followed by Pull Ups 3x10. If they are wiped from sprinting they either call it a day or do low intensity med ball to finish. They are still getting stronger, and their running is progressing steadily.

No squatting? Are they following the same progression for the cleans 3x5-433?

Ok, experiencing horrible soreness in my quads (never been so sore before) this kind of training is obviously too intense for me. What should I do?

I’m afraid I’ll have to skip today’s HI session as I can run tempo, even though it’s 48hours from the last HI session already but the soreness is still here (after ice bath, hot bath, contrast shower, massage and bunch of high quality proteins, Ca, Mg…)

Should I switch to only 2 HI sessions per week or should I just lower the volume of speed work?
Or should I take some rest today and just repeat this micro cycle next week as my legs will probably “get used to it”. The problem is I trained 3 times a week (HI of course) all the time with no problem doing a combination of L-S and S-L.

Monday workout went great, had a great feeling on the track, lifted heavy. The next day I experienced some soreness but as usually a tempo session should work this out. But it didn’t. I was a bit sore on Wednesday but decided to do HI training anyway (my plan posted at the beginning of this thread, week 2). I just skipped the weight and performed only a few box jumps after the sprints. Yesterday it was horrible. I never experienced such soreness in my quads before.

We do squats, and deadlifts, I just mentioned one example so KK400 could see that you don’t need to do a lot of different lifts every session to get the desired effect. We have increased the intensities gradually over the SPP, altered the reps accordingly, backed off every 4th week by lowering the intensity slightly but keeping the volume the same as the previous week. Its all monitored session by session as to how they look and feel. This week its 433 Sunday was Cleans, Squats, plus Shoulder Press at 3x10, Tuesday was Deadlifts, Bench at 433, plus pullups at 3x10, last night was med ball as they had done some intensive accelerations, had to train indoors due to icy weather, would normally do longer work @ 95% hope this clarifies a bit. Last week was 443, next week I’m taking it to 3x2 but not taking it too intensive as the running intensity is picking up a bit.

Nice to see you still using the same repsxsets progression it must work well for your athletes. How has the combo speed session been working for you and what does the progression look like for the spec end session, I remember you starting at 2x300 at 10-12min rest?