If you are starting GPP from a layoff or period of less lifting, you are probably going to generate some DOMS from the extensive lifting. The question I have is, do you work through the soreness at first, which will probably go away in a week or two, or do you alter the GPP and wait for adaptations to occur and only work out when there is NO soreness present? (ie if your legs are sore from lifting, no hill sprints)

work through the soreness.

i remember some protocolls at CFTS:

Angella had many posts saying how sore she is…
So soreness can probably come up.

i have found, within the wk, periodization helps. ie, 10x10m then 5x20m on monday,
then 10x10m 10x20m and 5x30m on tuesday then the full 10x10m 10x20m and 10x30m by fri. Soreness wont be as bad and if its too sore, and perhaps other things are telling you bad things, have the day off and do it again tomorrow. ie, i can tell if my body is doing too much and will get sick if i push hard today, but i also know my body will be fine tomorrow and not be sick if i have today off. So i avoid be sick for a wk by having only 1 day off.

So, I did my first hill session on Wednesday and got severe DOMS in my hip flexors/rectus femoris. Did tempo yesterday but today I skipped my hill session because I am still too sore. So, my 3rd hill session (week 1 hill workout #3) would be on Sunday according to the original plan.

My question is:

Since I skipped today, should I do today’s session on Sunday and Sunday’s session on next Wednesday and start “Week 2” next Friday?

Or should I just forget about Week 1 2nd hill session and continue with Week 1 3rd hill session on Sunday?

In the end, this will create a longer GPP phase, but I will be be raising my work capacity to my optimal level hopefully.

In SPP you sprinters might just skip a MaxV session on Friday if you are feeling bad, but just go straight to Acc Dev on Monday, rather than making up MaxV on Monday. But in GPP the 3 main workouts are similar per individual week up through Week 4. And everything in this phase is more preparatory to build a solid GPP base. This is all what makes me wonder.

Forget about the session you missed BUT be more moderate in the execution of the next hill session. you can never expect to complete all the workouts in the plan.

hey now i just finished my sixth week of workouts and havent missed one yet. today speed workout felt crazy fast, i was covering soo much ground soo fast.

Well everyone tolerates the volume and intensity differently. I guess you’re the exception :cool: Nice work so far though!

i just feel like a loser if i miss workouts my whole day is shitty.

I know how you feel. Feels good when you get stuff done, but at the end of the day maybe a day of rest when you aren’t feeling up to par is the best option. But you seem to be doing fine, so more power to you!

i reflect on my journal at times and i am surprise at some of the stuff i have done over this sixth week period.

I seriously think the hill vols aren’t that bad AFTER doing them. On paper they look ridic at times but really not that bad. I modified my workouts a bit (total volume was ~the same) to ease into my team’s schedule and was doing hills 4x a week and I felt fine.

like u said you modified the workouts you wasnt the all the med ball workouts, weights etc that makes a huge diff bc like i mention earlier the hills themselves were easy.

Correct on the medball and weights part. No doubt that will change it a bit, but I can still see it being done if you go easy on the weights (intensity wise).

good point bc i know for a fact if i would have done lower intensity 60-80% it would have been super easy.

Im doing a little bit less volume then you guys, but havent felt sore at all. It seems so complicated and tough when reading about it and thinking about it, but when youre actually doing it, you feel the difference, i can feel the increasing intensity, and when its time for spp1 i know ill be ready.

goodluck with the program

thanks man,

ve been keeping up on your journal, you seem strong right now, how do you feel? How do you find managing all the elements of training (ie plyos, weights, sprints, medball)?

body feels good, there were some diffcult times but i found ways to manage. how do u have ur weights setup?

My weights are set up just as charlie shows on the gpp video, im coming up on week 7 so my weights are only high intensity days and im doing 3 x 5 @ 75% - 80%