SLJ & Stannding Verticle testing tips.

We’ve got testing for these on tues. (standing lj and verticle)
Can anyone give me some tips so i get the most out of both my jumps.

Thanx guys!

Quik, maybe I can help you with these jumps as they used to be something of my little specialty.

Best advice is, on both jumps, is that on your descent down to begin your jump, snap it down first and just as quickly reverse it into the explosion up. Drive the arms HUGE on the way up.

In other words, the slower you descend your eccentric portion, the slower and less explosive your concentric jump will be.

You may be tempted to go into a kind of deeper squat but don’t do that either, you won’t go as far or as high.

And on the standing long jump in particular, aim for a spot on the floor or ground which is a slight stretch of what you think your actual ability is, and focus on that spot. Don’t take your eyes off it. Become that spot, and you often will make it there when you weren’t sure that you could.

Good luck man!

thanx for the helpful info.
so snap down real quick and reverse it and pop up just as quick?? How far down should i decend? Also what should i do with my head in the verticle?

Yes, the fast snap down is the whole key. And your legs will probably be barely on a 45 degree angle when your quick turnaround takes place. [As opposed to 90 degrees on a parallel squat, for example] Watch good jumpers, they hardly descend down into the squat at all before lift off. As for your head in the VJ, it usually starts looking slightly down, and then looks upwards as you start your ascent.

ok. and should my head be up looking at the bars or just look straight ahead?

The bars: meaning the vertical testing bars above you that swing around when you hand strikes them at the peak of your jump?

You read the Defranco article? Dirty tricks for improving your vert or something like that.

Not until now but great summary.

I might add that a cheap pair of volleyball shoes would work well in the place of track waffles, as they are light, have next-to-no padding to absorb your precious energy at take-off, and do not have the impulse-robbing effects of a raised heel.

thanx guys!! that article tells everything…!!
When he tlaks abotu jumping in the track waffles do you think spikes would be good?

What surface would you be using them on?

Obviously they wouldn’t be hardwood-friendly!

Otherwise, flexible [read: no extended stiff plate] spikes are quite enjoyable for me to jump in on grass-this would be a personal taste thing though.

we’ll be testing in our fieldhouse… Its a synthetic track surface.
I will most likely use my liong jump spikes.


Joe Defranco recommends thatyou stretch both of your hip flexors a few minutes before you jump. I’ve never tested this to see if it works. So I’d love to hear other comments.

It works because it will relax the antagonist and allow your hips to push more with no interference (neural inhibition). Using the same technique to stretch your lats and post. delts before you bench test works well also.

Depends on the type of stretch.

A long duration low intensity static stretch may do more harm than good, A PNF that is short in duration and intense may help a great deal. A dynamic range of motion stretch that is intense works well too. You might want to do some kind of neural activation drills to prepare for the tests.


thanx for the advice guys.
I did pretty well.

Verticle was 32" i am 5’7 my reach is 83" and i touched 9’7 on the vertec(2nd on my team) best was a 32.5"

Standing Long jump was 2.84 meters 9’3 and i was also second on my team to a 9’4

My 5 bounds test suck and i only went 43’ probably because of terrbile technique on my first 2 bounds i was still 3rd on the team

A 6’11 reach at 5’7? Impossible

How do you figure??? I am 5’7 big shoulders and short arms my reach was 83 inches=6’11. my teamate is 5’8 and his reach was 84=7’0… another one of my teamate is of mine is 5’10 and his reach was 88=7’4. So how do you figure?

How do you test reach. We stand facing a wall arms up and both hands together AND THE COACH PUSHES OUR ELBOWS TOGETHER. THERE IS NO CHEATING THERE. So dont hate.

Sure you can reach 2 more inches if you reach with one arm and lean to one side and stretch but that is not the proper way to measure reach and when you verticle jump your reach will not extend that much.

Im sick and tired of people running their mouths telling peole they cant do this and that. Just like i cant bench press 330 pounds at 5’7 155 pounds.

The reach height makes sense. Nice vert Quik.

Thanx man.

Of course it is possible, I have a jumper who stands at 6’ and high jumps over 7’3". I must say that you have had some nice results here. What do you think helped you achieve these results and what are you going to do now that you have these results?