SHort recovery between races

Congrats to my girls relay squads (4x200, 4x-100) who ran a season’s best and and qualified for next weeks state championships. Now,here is my dilemna. The prelims and finals are only 1 day apart. On the first day the relays are back to back races so there will be about 10-15 min recovery at the most. Day two (the next day) there is a very short recovery but a bit longer than day one (approx) 20-25 min.

Thats the situation, now the question.

What would the experts recommend for overall warm-up, recovery, and regeneration. I have ideas but day one worries me a bit.

I’m thinking get off your feet, a bottle of water chased down by a gatorade, or even half a banana or peanuts. very light static stretching 3-5 sec holds in primary hip, quad, glute, and hammy area.

Please chime in…

what relay is first?

If the 200m is first things could get ugly.

Relative to the nutrition question, I would not recommend peanuts since as far as I’m aware, they will take quite a long time to digest.

I wouldn’t do anything. Maybe a sip of water, throw on some clothes if it’s cold, otherwise stay warm then get to it. If the clerking is like our state meet they might be stuck sitting in that area for 10-15 minutes anyway. For day two maybe throw in a couple of drills and a build-up/accel after 15 minutes to keep things warm.

I don’t know what happened. Sorry, for some reason I couldnt log in so I could never respond to your questions everyone. I couldn’t even send a message to the administrators because I was locked out for days. Weel its all over now fellas. Thanks for your support anyways.

I hope your day went well sonicboom.
It would be good to hear what happened.( please) and how you ended up handling your situation and how your athletes did.
Stikki game some good advice. Stay warm, dry and keep off your feet. Repeat in comp. what the athletes are used to routinely doing but modify according to time available.