Separation between/timing of sprinting and weight lifting

I wasn’t sure where to post this, and I’m sorry if this is a stupid, elementary question, but what is the best way to structure a single day’s workout in terms of when should you do your “running” and when should you do your “lifting”.

speed work followed directly by weights.

never never never do it other way around… you will regret it. :frowning:

Thats how I do it. But when school is not in session and I have alot of time on my hands I like to run in the early afternoon and lift hours later. I get a better lifting session in that way. In that case you need to make sure you cool down effiecently from your running workout and warmup from your lifting. When I do short speed work I dont really even cool down if I am going straight into the gym.

Thanks a bunch guys. Another question (it’s nutritional related, but I figured I’d just continue this thread here)…what kind of food/drinks should I be ingesting during this period of time. Let’s say, for instance, that I complete about 90 minutes of sprint training, etc, and then 45-60 minutes in the weight room. Should I be drinking/eating anything during these sessions? Between the running and the lifting?

man! if only my coach knows that. For conditioning, he had us lifting before we run. It makes the running workout so difficult!

Is “conditioning” the most over-and mis-used concept in sport training?

Between running and lifting drink a protein shake or eat a protein bar. BCAA’S are good to take also.

I normally wait a few hours between speed and lifting workouts. Right after speed work I’ll take about 20 grams of dextrose and about 20 grams of glutamine. Then I’ll eat a bunch of carbs and protein, normally 2-3 bowls of cheerios, some meat and vegetables. After my lifting I’ll take another 20 grams of dextrose and 20 grams of glutamine.

On tempo days I leave out the dextrose and just take glutamine.

We normally have maybe 15-20 minutes downtime between just changing putitng stuff in the office etc.

Yes. So a protein shake or protein bar would be appropriate.

Yeah after the ontrack stuff, I normally mixup some protien maybe creatine depending on if im cycling it atm. Protien bar works to, but you woulnd’t want to eat more then that before weights it would leave u all sluggish.

Exactly. You may even want to drink a gatorade with the protein bar for quicker absorbtion as well as replenishing you glycogen and mineral levels.

yeah good call, always room for some gatorade and higher obsorbtion

Gatorade is actually a bad choice as it draws water from the cells so that it can be digested, which can be an awful thing if the cells have already been depleted from a workout.

Get some easy-to-digest carbs right after you workout and include a bit of protein. A good article for this is on called phd regeneration. Check it out.

I normally just go with protien and water b/t workout and weights
occasionally ill drink a poweraid after or during the on track practice but not often,
2 dollars a bottle is ridiculous:P

Thats alot of eating wow!

I do my sprint work out…finish mid 4 to 5pm.

then I lift at 8-9pm

I have a protein shake right after sprinting, and have 1-2 meals.

Maybe take a bath/shower between sessions

Herb, I’ve tried “cutting” the gatorade with water(about a 50/50 ratio). It works pretty good for post workout/race recovery. I’ve just never had much success drinking an entire gatorade “cut” or not, it’s just too much sugar to dump on the body at once.

well, i lift first and sprint 4-5 hours later, how bad is that? the thing is i lift at a regular gym and the track i sprint into isnt open for sprinting until 8 in the noon (the play soccer before that #$%@#$)

im fucked arent i?