Sanya Richards Working Out

2 questions. why is she doin a hack squat with a medicine ball between her legs and why is she doing 1-legged cycles in the gym when she is about to run with clyde hart?

The ball keeps the knees from bowing inwards, typical personal trainer tool. What happen to teaching the athlete proper tech or maybe using another movement.

The guy she is currently with has a really, really big head! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, it sucks to see such nonsense, but my take is that certain athleates are just gifted to where it does not matter what they do because they will always be good. Such is probably the case for Sayna.

I can bare witness to 9.9/20.5 athleates doing little, or hardly any gym work compared to CFTS/HSI. These athleates also ran impressve times under horrible handing of their coaches and respective staff.

But you think this is something… I once went to a training studio/“gym” in Los Angeles (around Santa Monica) where Allyson Felix trained in the off season around 2004 and the owner of the gym told me that he would have her use 5lbs weights for super high reps for 1-2 months for strict form then progress. I’m quite serious. The crazy thing is, this place did not seem to be going out of business anytime soon.

[QUOTE=NumberTwo;237206]The guy she is currently with has a really, really big head! :p[/QUOT

That is a great answer! My bad rb34 I was being sarcastic on my question. I think we all know its a waste of time and use of a med ball.:cool:

You mean she wasn’t doing the best weightlifting exercise for sprinters - the deadlift! What a shocker! (sarcasm intended)…

The runs she does from 3.40 in the video, are those what coach Hart refers to as “speedmakers” in his programs?

Allison Felix’ gym workout also posted this week:
Looks a bit better.

Speed makers are 40-60m sprints (usually done on grass) with a 40m-50m jog recovery zone. example:

0-----fast—40m—jog 40m recovery-----0-----fast-----40m

Usually done for 4reps for 3-4 sets with 7 mins rec between sets.

The lay out is in a square. Sides of the square are sprints and the top and bottom are jog recovery. Hope you catch my drift.

isn’t it a hack squat machine?

lol… I went there myself, they gave me a consultation and took all body fat measurements. I was turned off when the owner (I guess) described the weight training program that they applied to Mrs Felix that they were then going to use on me. I remember asking him 2-3 times if he was sure that he used 5lbs weights for high reps and he kept reassuring me that he was right and that it worked.

Here is the place.

Robert Forster, PT has worked with Professional Athletes for his entire career, spanning 26 years. His early work at Centinela Hospital and with The Kerlan Jobe Orthopedic Group put him in rehab programs for professional athlete within months of completing his Physical Therapy Training and Education. Over the years, Forster has worked closely with the most successful Olympic and Professional Sport coaches in the world, and they have come to rely on his expertise and insight to solve the most difficult injuries and performance problems.

Working with Coach Bob Kersee and his professional Track and Field team, Forster has helped athletes such as Jackie Joyner Kersee, Florence “Flo-Jo” Joyner, Greg Foster, Allyson Felix, Andre Phillips and their teammates to win 32 Olympic Medals and set numerous world records over the last six Olympic Games.[/i]

I hate to talk $$$$, but what is this? They got cameras all in the girls face and whatnot. I think places like this use hi profile athletes to generate fresh new business; that’s it. It’s true, you want to go where all the best train, but some coaches are deceitful because they just acquire athletes that were conditioned by somebody else but take the credit.

I would really like to see a stadium view day to day training with her and bobby Kersee to get a real accurate view of how she trains.

Ugly ol’s tech, feet so wide apart.

Ross looked horrible today.

She looks heavier and not very fit. Her face is so much rounder I barely recognized her on tv.

Maybe it’s that time of the month.

She has looked like that all year I recall. Could be wedding stress, or her health condition with her skin???

Na, the poor thing has some kind of disease (Sanya)… According to an interview, she said it’s flaring up again. Also, the sleeves she wears are not for show, it’s because her skin is breaking out. She was also taking medication but she stopped taking it because it made it hard for her to train.

She has Behcet’s syndrome.

She needs to eliminate mainly sugar, sugary energy drinks, dairy products & cows milk from her diet or shes going to continue feeding the illness.

Suggest they are doing nothing more than a modified matrix program (put in print by Ron Laura and Ken Dutton, professors at Newcastle uni physiology dept). All about lactic.